“Paying It Forward”

Dear Souls, August 30th 2015

I get my inspiration from the wind blowing through my home when the windows are open. The sound of the wind hitting the vertical metal blinds in my bedroom is like a tapping noise. The fan whirling around where I type in my living room sounds like a propeller in motion with a humming noise. The quiet, stillness of being alone with just my thoughts inspire me to just be creative and happy being me. When I go out I’m bombarded with energy from others, I must put up an invisible protective energy barrier around me. If I don’t do that,I get infected by the disease of others. There are some amazing people that have powerful good energy I allow to attach to me. When I feel that energy it helps remove some of the toxic energy that got through my barrier.

Here’s some examples of what happened to me this week.

August 24th I was picked up by Wayne transportation to go to the senior center in Honesdale PA. The bus driver was very kind and aware of my needs and those of the other passengers he was transporting to a destination.

In the senior center there was a table filled with fresh produce, I walked over to find out the story. I was told that the produce came from the Wayne County Jail. There is  a program for good behavior inmates to grow vegetables and use them in the facility plus donating  the surplus to our senior center. The energy of learning, the good resources  available as a senior Pennsylvania resident is a gift being paid forward to me.

I turned those vegetables into a hearty soup for my new friends that live  down the road from me. It felt good for me to pay it forward using  my culinary ability.

My artistic ability is a trade off for a young student living in my neighborhood. The student wanted to learn how to draw portraits. I knew how to teach. The trade was a contract between the student and me . The  student would type for me on my computer and I would give drawing lessons.

I could write all the negative dramas that occurred to me this week if I chose to, I chose not to and just let it go.  When I let it go that energy dissipates and can never harm me again.

What you sow is what you rep. IMG_3246

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“Opportunities all have if we are open to the Divine within our being human “

Dear Souls Aug.24,2015

Opportunity  will come your way if you are in need.

My personal story  . I had a car  accident Aug 1,2015 .

I was in a state of confusion for a week  and did not put the claim in until Aug 10,2015 to my insurance carrier. They said my car was drive able  with the spare doughnut that was put on by AAA . The date for the adjuster was going to be Aug 18,2015.

Aug 9,2015 –The glass broke on my cell phone while waking on the drive way at my retreat .  I was watching my neighbor haying my fields IMG_4127IMG_4109

Aug 11,2015  in the heavy rain, I picked up two religious Jewish boys hitchhiking on 17B in White Lake NY .I was on my way to Middle Town NY to the Verizon Corporate Store to purchase a new cell phone . The Hasidim Jewish Boys needed a miracle to get to Monroe NY to pray at a cemetery FOR THE FAMOUS RABBI THAT DIED A FEW YEARS AGO THAT DAY .

I was not aware that Monroe NY was much further south of my destination Middleton NY . I felt it was my Blessing to drive them all the way . I listened to the boys allowing me to understand their divine religious beliefs . They said they would pray for all good fortune to come my way at the Rabbi’s grave site for my family.

On the way back I was frightened I would not make it with the spare tire on my car and would have to be towed to the collision place where the adjuster would take care of the settlement on Aug 18,2015.

I did make it safely home to my Damascus retreat in PA after purchasing my new cell phone in Middle-town NY.

Aug 15,2015- I needed to take my garbage to the dump a few miles from my home.My doughnut spare tire had a flat in front of a ministers home I knew.  He helped me by just being there with a cup of tea to calm my nerves from falling down another rabbit hole .   I had my car towed to the Collision place 20 miles away . The minister took me in his car there and back safely to my Damascus Retreat . We spoke of having faith in the Divine and paying it forward with our gifts of pure energy of listening & story telling.

Aug 16,2015  I called a friend to take me to 200th year old open house reception a neighbors residents . I listened and learned more than I spoke that day IMG_4157IMG_4159.

At 10:30 that evening a guest at my retreat arrived for a trade he agreed to . He got to spend two nights at the retreat and take a walk with me on my property to teach him how to access his energy to improve his opportunities and release his back pain by allowing the energy of the Rock to draw out the toxic emotions of self created stress by being human. IMG_4162.Opportunity for me — Tuesday Aug. 18,2015,he drove me to NYC. I gave him 20

$ for gas, paid a 14$ bridge toll and gave him my last book conception to birth to receive universal  energy to carry on with his mission.   My opportunity to engage in conversation with my uncle,before my cousin would drive me to her home in Brooklyn NY. We were celebrating our cousins religious Jewish wedding on Aug 19,2015.

IMG_4231The  flood gates of memories  at the wedding reception IMG_4196were opening up to me at Marina Del Rey  One marina Drive  Throgs Neck, NY. with all those that I was connecting to. I was at my other cousins wedding reception 26 years ago . I stood at the marina seeing 26 years of flash backs go by with each glitter from my teary eyes as I engaged  conversations  that were a reflection of my human emotions.

The music, food ,service was of the highest quality IMG_4202being in the hospitality business for 21 years ,I gave this event the highest rave reviews from one that knows the amount of  energy it takes to achieve this excellence.

My energy level was at top speed dancing with the young women . I was told I danced as if I was in my 20’s . Then it was over as all rides are and time to recover by sleeping peacefully at my cousins home. Aug 20,2015 IMG_4245Banking then Shopping and at night another hosted family dinner at a kosher Chinese restaurant to listening to more speeches of family traditions. In the morning of Aug 21 — more shopping IMG_4251with the women before the  Aug 21-22 the Sabbbos Shevea  Brachos .I was  grateful for my heritage as a Jewish woman .

Aug 22 after the Sabbath I was driven back to my Cousins in Brooklyn. I was told,these next few weeks before Rosh Hashanah  begins on the night of Sept 13,2015 we are to ask all those we encounter for forgiveness. If in anyway we have mistreated them or just hurt their feelings we must ask for forgiveness.

The Fear of God is ingrained in all religious cultures.  We would be judge by the divine for our merits and sins.

Why do we have to write all these rules down and if we do not obey ,we will be punished in some horrific way? Why do we not know what is honest and what is dishonest ?

The answer — Our DNA is  embroidered into a weave of awareness just to have all  human experiences to grow with . If we stop growing and learning ,we dye that particular DNA human form and something else is born to continue a particular  cycle needed for all .

Aug 23,2015  my cousin drove me back to Monticello NY and a friend picked me up from the bus stop and drove me home to my Damascus PA retreat .

There was still chaos of issues that keep me up from sleeping peacefully alone in my bed .

Finally after a glass of warm milk ,I just let it go and fell asleep until 8:30 am today.

Back to my reality . Getting my driver’s license renewed. I found out in Brooklyn at Bank America my drivers licence expired 6/19/2015 .

Opportunities of transportation for me because I am a senior to be taken to the senior centers in Honesdale PA for 1$ one way . Wednesday I will be picked up at my Damascus at 10 am to enjoy the day at the senior center and lunch for 2$ there. There maybe free tap dancing  classes provided  at 1 pm on Wednesday . If I am still here at my retreat this  winter, I will not drive  my  2 wheel car in the snow. I  will use the Senior Service transportation to go food shopping in Honesdale PA or a doctor I might have to visit .

Living alone is not lonely when you can clime out of the rabbit hole you might have just falling in temporally to learn you can climb out and enjoy the Light of Living a productive life as you gracefully age with friends that respect and trust your integrity.     Rachid & Grandma Michele at Vino's Bar in Boca Raton on Thursday

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Am I the puppet or the puppeteer?

Dear Souls Aug 12,2015

Am I the puppet or the puppeteer ?

I am both . conception-to-birth-prolog2IMG_0839It is what gives me strength to be comfortable within my skin. It is my power to create or to destroy what is not in my best interest to thrive on Planet Earth in this third dimensional reality show.  I live both out of a box and in a box according to my awareness. I attract and detract from what matters to me .

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“Compulsive,Obtrusive Career Disorder”

Dear Souls Aug 3,2015

Compulsive ,Obtrusive Career Disorder does create energy that can  attach to me and I might not notice it until I will explode and I will not exist in the form I am in now .

If I am lucky to be my own observer and master of my faith, I will see the red flags,stop signs, pitfalls before it is to late .

I need to be honest with myself.  What will be my career trade offs?  Are my  moral values being compromised to win my race ?

Our candidates to become the next US President are storytellers just like me. Are they listeners like me? .

I went blueberry picking yesterday to listen to the blueberry s.  IMG_4078[1] My imagination creating a conversation between the blueberry s I picked and the ones I left behind for someone else to pick was about our life cycles of all that was created by Source of Energy Greater than I can understand at this time of my being human .

I did listen to Frank the Owl that telepathically said to me ” Grandma Michele you only know what you think you know and it is only about you for your highest good to grow ” IMG_4064[1]IMG_4082[1]“Do not assume you know what is in the mind of another human being just because you have taken liberties with your creative imaginary abilities “IMG_4085[1]The Delaware river flowing by me created a feeling of laughter for me. Every moment I breath and take time to appreciate with gratitude the abundance of living nature ,I am aware that it is just enough for

what matters to me in this  life time.IMG_4068[1]My friend Jonathan Charles Fox took this photo of me with his service dog, Dharma the Wonder Dog. Yes Dharma does communicate with Grandma Michele telepathically. Sometimes Grandma Michele ignores the message of good intent Dharma is giving her.  Dharma and all that I connect to  is just a mirroring image of me  to learn balance ,peace and happiness .

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Honey Bee

Dear Souls July 27,2015

This Amazing Honey Bee wasIMG_4029 kind to me yesterday when I took this close up photo at River Fest Celebrating Art, Music & Ecology . The  Honey Bee IMG_4031was on a Hand Crafted Jewelry-bracelet looking at her reflection in the Gem Stone .

I was amazed with the two different reflective images on each of the purple Gem Stones from the I phone photo I took yesterday at River Fest .

As an artist writer, I feel a six sense of perception that  helps me ground myself to this earth .

IMG_4020This photo I was holding is Chichenitza . Charles BeckIMG_4023 owner of World Class photo’s ww.worldclassphotos.com email wcphoto@hvc.rr.com

I met Charles two years looking at all his amazing world photo’s at River Fest . He sent me an email asking me to stop by his both this year to see his new World photo’s. We had a conversation about his ability as a photographer traveling to remote areas of interest.

I was fortunate to have  climbed up the steps of  Chichenitza with family ten years ago . When I did that climb, I was not aware of the history or the culture as I am today.

These days I reflect back on the magnitude of souls that attach and detach from me  being human .

The intense amount of energy my body feels when it is out in a crowd is similar to having a generator within each of my cells exploding on the inside . My outer shell looks peaceful and calm but I am on fire with desire for  love for all creation .IMG_4009IMG_4014

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“Metamorphose “

Dear Souls July 21,2015

To peace and happiness on our third dimensional planet earth.Like it. Share it.conception-to-birth-prolog2

Michele Schuchman

Metamorphose to be evolved. You were comfortable, and then you were not comfortable. You were evolving by changing. Think of the stages in creating a butterfly. First, it is comfortable as a caterpillar. Then it is uncomfortable while it is having its metamorphose to be free as a butterfly.

All humans are having their own metamorphose and freeing themselves by evolving. When they stop evolving as a human they die as a human. They turn back to pure energy to add power to their source. I can give the source a name or I can just recognize it is whatever I feel will perpetuate my belief that my consciousness will live eternally.

The power of all human minds is starting to feel new seances of awareness to establish peace on earth for all in this century.
It may not look like it from the media. You have the power to make it from your dreams. Your dreams do become your reality. Just before you go to sleep tonight focus on a vision of peace on earth for all. Be the butterfly and spreed this seed. Watch all the Metamorphose in our peaceful world we started here .


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“The meaning of life”

Dear Souls

July 8,2015

The meaning of life to me means “Live” Living is breathing . My heart is beating .My senses are functioning to a capacity generated by energy. I am in sync. I can think! I can do amazing things with this ability to absorb information. I can create or I can destroy with my energy and so can you .

You can see the world that revolves around you as I see it through my lens . This world can be kind or this world can give pain . Our gifts we came with in our DNA are there to create human form. The brain we develop to for fill our contract has capabilities  to achieve more than we agreed to in our contract .

You are wondering who did you make your contract with . I don’t know your beliefs and so I can not tell you who for you . I can tell you who I made my contract with because of my beliefs I have absorbed from conception.

While in my mothers belly ,I absorbed the sounds around me as a fetus . As my brain developed,I absorbed what I could sense. I could sense anger ,fear,anxiety, distention,distortion,jealousy,all negative emotions . I also absorbed music ,dancing singing ,nurturing with food all positive emotions . When I was born June 18,1947 , I was a mess . As I grew , I absorbed more information that was part of my contract I committed to.

All my  highs and lows were just the many parts of what I had to let go to evolve to a wise mature woman .

Each time I was diagnose with a disability, I had to learn the tools to cut the chords that were keeping me from evolving I am still cutting my invisible chords and evolving at an easier rate now . Just be amazing with yourself as you evolve in the human race.

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