“Fear to Faith “

Dear Souls

July 3,2015

Those of you that have been following my blogs from it’s conception Feb,21,2010 to  now are aware, on June 18,2015 my team removed all the blogs before that date.

This is why:

When you are aware that you are getting to know thyself,you see your past reflection in the mirrors of your past experiences.

When you hold yourself a countable for your actions, you may realize you took liberty’s that were not given to you.

You may have made excuses to justify your actions that satisfied you for that moment in your past.

You might have been in Fear of losing something you thought you could not live without .

You even took risks to control what was not yours to control.

When, finally you were able to shift your energy to Faith, your life took on a different meaning. It was not about what others thought of you ,It was only what you thought of yourself when you looked in that mirror of your reflection.

In a month from now my team will be in the process of creating a new website Feartofaith.org .  Estimated completion of Fear to Faith Sept 18,2015

On this site there will be short story’s to inspire all of my readers. There will be videos to view personalities of those I interview with their approval. The intention of this new web site Fear to Faith is that those that connect will see reflections in  short stores.

Bless all and live with faith Grandma Michele the story teller and listener .


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“Comfortable or Uncomfortable”

Dear Souls  June 24,2015

What is Comfortable Uncomfortable to you? You are not here to answer me. I will share with you what was told about me . I was told that I make eye contact with some people, and that is uncomfortable for them . Looking in someone’s eyes as you listen or speak to them is uncomfortable. Why?  I have created Grandma Michele, a character from another planet that can read the truth of what a person likes or dislikes. I  read by looking inside the optical pathway to their soul. In that exact moment, they can read what is truly going on in the inside of me with our reflection. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, and sometimes it is comfortable. It is just a process to grow or to play the victim role . Both roles are powerful and are used as each individual sees fit for their intention to manifestation of their needs. There have been many stories of people talking about how comfortable or uncomfortable I made them feel throughout my life, causing doors to close and  new doors to open.  In my mind all the players were winners just playing on other teams to be comfortable with their beliefs. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.IMG_0841 As long as I keep my angelic invisible shield up, those words are not attached as an infection to destroy my light .

2015-06-20 14.56.26

Home Depot to buy Goof Off to keep me smiling for the day.

2015-06-20 13.43.39

Walmart. Shopping for comfort


2015-06-20 13.44.28

with Erick, a hairdresser.

I was observing all the characters appearing on my stage and me the character appearing on their stage. Who was taken liberties that were not offered.  Each venue had valid truth in its defense.

To benefit from nature’s energy view www.allaboutmytimenow.comMNA_4808 service page and select your needs. Bless all that live without judgment . Grandma Michele

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“Conception to Birth “

Dear Souls


conception-to-birth-prolog1My conception was on an image of my creative imagination I ,Michele Schuchman  wrote this new Story Book ” Conception to Birth ”

Today June 18 is my birthday . This morning when I awoke ,I was very happy to see I was born again into the same body I had before I fell asleep last night . I was pleased that my senses were still responding to the controls in my brain . My imagination rebooted with the energy flowing through my veins . My heart was pumping and I was breathing. My eyes were open and I was hearing the electrical impulses in every cell that made me a complete form . My memory was intact and I could go back to any part of my life and reflect in a positive message “It was all for me to be ” To be what ? I thought to myself . To be what ever my imagination would enjoy for a experience .

What I was yesterday is old and not relevant for the best in me today . It is not how many numbers of souls I touch with my words , It is how many souls I let in me to know me for my own ego or validation to Me myself and I .  conception-to-birth-prolog2This creation Grandma Michele the story teller and listener is the outside colorful me . My insides are like yours . I have bones that will break , I have a heart that will one day stop beating . I will return to dust and blow away someday . Just not today on this birthday June 18,2015