“Living Art”

Dear Souls January 29,2016

I am living art . On the wall is living art . Its all alive. It all breaths in and out like you and me .   IMG_5564IMG_5569We are the living the dream . Are you living your dream? Rachid Boukrim one of Grandma Michele’s soul friends is a free spirit and a reflection of me . He taught me many things I needed to learn about myself and he is half my age . I see a very bright future for all humans on this earth . There is kindness .There is hope . There is just our reflection in all creation . You just have to open your eyes and see it when it is in front of your faces . IMG_5505

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“Life’s Energy”



Dear Souls January 27,2016
It  has rained all day today in Boca Raton FL.
That is a life Energy that is in control . My life Energy I surrendered to what will be will be Death or Life for me are just words that my consciousness absorbs. I blog words that are meaningful to me and give me a scenes of empowerment for the moment I am justifying my accountability.

I spent 4 hours writing what I thought useful and in an instant I RELEASED the ENERGY THAT WAS NO LONGER USEFUL TO THE WOMAN I AM AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME.

I created a cartoon world to live in fantasy. The Grandma Michele World of imagination . I built up a wall around me and would not let anyone in but children. The children were welcome to penetrate with a smile . A kind word . “May I help you Grandma Michele cross the street”.

The children had their invisible angels and their core beliefs. I was only to listen and not to judge . I to be the observer and write cartoon stories to inspire by just using life’s energy  of color,music, dance, all the arts ,all the romance of the sages.

My gift from” Mr Star Dust” [A male Soul friend of mine who wishes to be unanimous] a free Time Share Week in a Resort in Orlando FL . The happiest week of the year. “Christmas Week 2015 ” Riding On the I-Ride Trolley on international drive the day before Christmas Eve. I met a blessed Family

Kayoum’s son Sameer Saud Ali age 10 ,Safyyah Saairah Ali age 13 .It was the eyes “The seat of the soul in all of them that saw my life’s energy . They just observed and I listened to each of them giving me a life lessen I needed to learn that day.

First lesson not to attach at the hip because I felt lonely. I was on this vacation all alone . All I had was my puppets to entertain me with me. It was time to let go and just give them a gift my last published book “Conception to Birth ” I asked them just to read it and let me know what they thought the message was in the fiction story book. . Kayoum sent me a private message of his review . I was satisfied and comfortable with the FB friendship that has continued .

My Second lesson was my belief in my psychic and intuitive ability.  A lot of what I was saying was inaccurate. I colored my advice with my own views about my life experiences.My views did not necessarily mesh with their views .

I meet  my new clients and teach them “Life Energy ” These are skills to watch what people do ,rather than what they say.   Keep people in your life just because they make you smile and feel like the free child you did when you were innocent.

Last night at Sea Gate Hotel I sat with a man I had dated a few years ago at the bar. I was drinking water all night and he was drinking rum and coke. He introduced me to a woman he met while siting there and enjoying the music. This woman said “I am a medium and now channeling you . Your last life was in the 1920’s in England in the Abby . ” I said ” No!  I am trained and certified past-life therapy by Brian l..Weiss ,M.D.  “you are just seeing my costume and hat on my head.IMG_5556She left and I was happy just to have my life energy with me to protect me from people who think they have the ability to see my soul.

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Don’t be fooled by what you read.

Dear Souls January 21,2016

I am open to honesty but It also allows dishonesty to flow into me on the wings of a desperate soul. the following is an e-mail sent to me from a group of desperate souls that are on fB and the internet

by Ala’ Ibrahim on

This is a scam that is going around the world please read into the lies of desperation. Thankfully FB does police their site

I was not aware of the intent when I received the first three messages of Eva asking me to messenger her to get my email so her team could access my email and send me that e-mail . I gave my email address to a stranger in good faith . Possible it was all for this purpose of exposing the intellect writing the post.

I have been ill sense January 10,2016 and happy about it . It might be strange to all my FB friends why I am happy to have this virus  travel through my system and keep me home in bed. It is because I got to test many things I call love and faith . I turned my nonfiction story book titled “Fear to Faith” into a cartoon series today . its more fun for me to see this world as a cartoon and play with it that way for my own letting go and moving forward from fear to Faith . IMG_0839

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No lottery Game for Grandma Michele

Dear Souls Jan,12,2015IMG_0689

I had put myself in a pot of water and did not realized the temperature was rising. It finally came to a boil and I was back to where I needed to be. Dead decomposing. The vultures would have a feast on what was left of me “The Fog named Envy”

I decided for the safety of my love ones , not to play the Lottery game . Everything I said,I could do now if I choice too. I watched the way I was perceived when I was wearing my Jewelry.I did not like it when a man took both of my hands  stared at them after dancing with me on Ladies night at Blue Martini.

I wore the valuable glitter for two weeks.Tomorrow all the jewels go back to the vault.

last Tuesday night I was at a networking event at Pinon Grill next to Blue Martini in Boca Raton FL. “Opportunity Knocks”    I met some very interesting people at the outside bar. A man called me over for conversation because he said “You are a classy woman I need to know about “.  He was full of Bull . He was with his wife and two other male friends. He looked at my Jewelry first to size me up. I said “I am a writer”. He said “You need to write the memoir of one of my musicians for free because it would get you  well known” I said ” no thank you ” He became more demanding of my energy” His wife did not take her eyes off my jewelry.  She did not see me. There was a short man that was looking  at me. I invited him to site down beside me on the coach. He was there as part of an entourage . His boss was a foot ball fan. I said” I no nothing of the payers and their games.”

I was just observing what the night unfolded when Grown Men act like uncontrollable babies and drink to much. They were notoriously loaded unbearable load cry’s from the repetitive word  ” Bull Shit”. They had their own agenda so I excused myself and left to site alone  at  the bar at Blue Martini .

Life keep happening around me .They showed up siting next to me at Blue Martini Bar. The Boss man  spread around his money freely at the Blue Martini  Bar . I watched a woman Scorpio try to seduce him into buying her and her friends free drinks.

I found out that night that this man just won 50 million in a lottery and he gave half to his x wife just because he wanted to. He was only concern about his daughters well-being. He was there with a female psychologist that only wanted to control him. He did not want anyone to control this new world he was in.  He smoked was over weight and drank too much .He was happy being just that. She was just there to control his world .

Beth Everett the Bartender that night was  alert to what was going on with the Scorpio. She protected the Boss. I was impressed .

I have enough wealth  to keep my protective bubble around me.

I stayed later than I though I would at Boca Blue Martini. It was collage night and the 21-year old’s and up would be coming in soon to party uncontrollable. I was in the bathroom when a 22 year old girl came out showing off her new underwear and almost naked body .She was already out of control . She saw my Jewish star and said ” You have to come tomorrow night to my home for a Sabbath dinner. I said “what is your address? She put her address in my I phone  and her contact number. I said ” I will be there ” we then went out and I had one dance with her . She did not remember me.

The next day on Friday I called her to get the details and left this message said” you invited me tonight for a Sabbath dinner ”. She invited many that night in the ladies room. I was going if the invitation was still open . It was . I was one of 19 at her parents home siting around the traditional glatt kosher meal provide. The stories are private of  what I observed. I GAVE A PRESENT OF MY BOOK “CONCEPTION TO BIRTH” It was well received by her Father at the head of the table. I left there a little before midnight. Her mother was concerned for my well being . I went back to Boca Blue Martini until 3 am. more tuning up my flame . The excuse was to write stories. The stories were getting boring to me . It was just the same old thing . Life will go on without me writing any more stories from Grandma Michele’s perspective.

One of my friends asked me “Why cant I have both” I said “You can if you become invisible”.

This  world has control . When you realized  ” Life just happens ” No One has control of creation or death.



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” Billion Dollar lottery ticket”

DEAR SOULS Jan 10,2016

What would you do if you were to share the winning ticket with me Grandma Michele ?

I decided to play a game of chance with 9 of my choices . I am spending a total of 18$ and letting  the Divine be in control of what will be will be.

I live a life every moment as if it is my last within the casing of the body I am  in .

The rules of this game had to be agreed before I would buy a ticket and put on a name of another.

The ones that excepted would have to do the same buy one ticket with my name on it and send the proof they did it to me and I would send my proof I did it for them.

They have a choice to spend up to 18$ and doing the same with their chosen ones.

I pick the number 18 because I was born June 18,1947 and have been blessed to feel today like I have won the lottery everyday I  wake up and breath and can add ” Light”of joy to those I meet .

I am Jewish and love that fact. I enjoy the love from all as long as it does not hurt or try to control another religious faith.

I did ask those to let me know what they would do with their share if they won before the drawing  on Jan 13,2016. I needed to post it without their names  here .

I thought to myself what I would do ;

I would divide my retreat I own at the rock wall behind my apple trees.

To build a retreat for healing purposes  and donate it’s entirety to the perpetual good of  our veteran’s and their family. I would not be involved. It would need to run for the good of others, by itself. My own home left with 9 acres would have two kitchens in it. One Glatt kosher for my family to come to energize from all the good they do in their daily lives. I would make sure my Mom has all the comforts she deserves. My brother would be my trustee taking care of all the finances to carry out this gift. The only staff I would have would be someone to take care the 9 acres,repairs on my property, a cleaning person for my home and when I entertained  serving the few guest.  A  personal assistant IT capabilities to travel around the world writing  stories and publishing them free on the internet .That IT person would have to know how to just use the I phone . No entourage or body guards for my safety.  The IT person will have to know that when death comes, except it graciously.  It is a blessing to let go of the body. I know I have no control of the forces of the world around me. The only control is the illusion of my Id,ego and super ego that lives in  my head. Those three love to make up stories and write ,but that is not me.

I am what is inside the body both Creation and Death looking out the windows of my eyes and listening to the four elements Fire,earth ,water, air that gave me this intellect and form.

You will never know me at that time for.I will be invisible. For my own safety.


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New Years Day January 1, 2016

Dear Souls,   I was out late last night at a News Years eve party, didn’t get home till after 3:00 am.. Woke up wide awake at 6:00 am. Too much energy in me.  A free yoga event was happening at Minzer Park.  The 2 animals in my head, talking to me , had conflicting ideas what they should do…the mediator, said  “you’re not in charge either one of you”, one says go back to bed the other says the pool…I’m taking over and we are going to go to yoga!   I arrived at yoga late, about 400 bodies were lying down on their mats, all sizes and shapes . It was the United Nations…even a woman in a wheelchair was ready to stretch and release…the session was moving, and I was at peace..after that, I strolled around, and came upon a very pretty woman doing massage.  The conversation  she was having with the client in her chair was about healing thru massage, reiki & holistic therapies rather than medication prescribed by doctors for disabilities.  I was in awe but I should not have been… The gift of the Divine allowed me to listen.  I watched the massage therapist give her energy so freely and willingly as her movement of her body flowed like a dance into her hands then on to her client. I thought to myself  who gives her something back. I knew I was there to do just that.  She finished her session then she asked me if I wanted a massage . She said ” my name is  Christine and that is a donation to promote Tied in Knots Massage Therapy, http://www.tiedinknots.guru. I said “only if I can give you something back of equal value of energy”.  She did my 5 min sampling of great amazing massage energy gifts to UN knot my energy points that were  blocked and not allowing my energy flow  upward .  When she was finished with all of her 5 min sessions, we strolled throw  the courtyard of Mizner park laughing together letting go of issues and going with the flow… We stopped at the water fountain just to look at the water fountain dance and breath. We put our hands into the cold water, and said this  is life… Creation.

We go thru life resisting…instead of enjoying what life brings us each day…God bless everyone and happy New Year…

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“Learning “

“Looks only”

Dear Souls Dec 19,2015

As humans, we are taught to believe we only have five senses. We are having many other senses with instincts that validate connections that come our way.

In your life time, no matter what your present age is, you had an experience that changed your direction. You turned right instead of your comfortable left and took a leap into faith unexplained unchartered waters. You unlocked your sixth sense and started to climb up the ladder that matters to your new beliefs.

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