“A Life lost and a life Found”


“A Life Lost and a Life Found”
March 24, 2015
Dear Souls,
March 22 was my girlfriend Madeline’s birthday and I was grateful to celebrate the day with her by having an adventure. We attended the Joe Budd Maniscalco’s Final Polo Tailgate Tent Experience of 2015 at Tent #1 at the International Polo Center, Wellington FL.
I felt like Alice in wonderland meeting all the characters playing their roles they chose for that day. The fashion statements did narrow the roles so it was easy for me to recognize the personalities that I would find appealing to my imaginative mind. At the beginning of the event, I did a lot of listening and observing, showing class. As time passed, and I drank a few glasses of wine, my hand puppets came out at half time for a photo shoot with some children. Quietly not to embarrass my Friend Madeline, I put lamp Chop and Kermit the frog away and became just a butterfly, flying around to all the colorful flowers {Humans}. Their scents were seductive to my energy. All I needed to do was to spread their seeds and watch it be nourished with love so new flowers could grow.
One of the Flowers I LANDED WAS Rachid Boukrim . He was in full bloom and smelled powerful. We exchange wisdom by me just listening. Then we both moved on. Photo of us——

Madeline and I danced at the private party after the Awards were given at the Polo Club. Many flowers {Humans} puzzled by the energetic butterfly that lost one life and now found a new life stayed in their material comfort zone.IMG_3348
There was a security guard earlier that I had to listen to. His name is Harold. Harold was surprised that I used seeds from him to spread to other flowers just to be enlightened with “Love“. Harold said ‘Why me? Most people look down on my race and culture because we are poor. I said ”No! You are Rich with kindness. Gratitude as an individual, not in the pack is what my six senses feel today”. I was grateful that I could help Harold feel like a Good King for just the moment we communicated.
Photo Harold and MeIMG_3357
The party was over and Madeline was by my side as I was driving out of the Polo Parking Lot. Two men were looking for a ride to their home a few blocks away. Madeline was surprised I stopped and gave them a lift. Earlier, they were at the private party dancing with me. They were drunk and I was happy they did not drive home drunk and possibly cause an accident. They were a little inappropriate asking us if we wanted to go into their outdoor Jacuzzi. I let it go. They would not even remember how they got home safely.
We needed to go for a ride and a walk somewhere safe because it was late. We went to Worth Ave. My sixth senses led my imagination to light the birthday candles on Madeline’s chocolate fudge cake. Photo —— Madeline made her wish as she blew her birthday candles out. Madeline’s Mom, Father and Brother from the other side were singing Happy Birthday. I think she knew it without saying it to me. My feeling was she was learning how to access her six and seventh senses.
After enjoying the fudge cake, we took a walk up Worth Ave. There was a man siting on a bench and reading a book. I stopped and asked the man “What are you reading?”. He said “Listening for God.“ I smiled. He said “I have made poor choices and now I need to listen for God to help me make good choice“. I said “ That is good. You are hearing God“. I said “I think you might find my stories I write on my blog interesting and entertaining. Here is my business card. It is only for the way I view this world as I have lost many lives and have found many new ones as a butterfly”.
I turned to Madeline as we continued our walk and said “You never saw this side of me“. Madeline said “No!“. As we walked back to my car, we met a young couple we met when we first arrived on Worth Ave. This Young couple had told us that they just came from a Gratitude seminar and they were feeling grateful. I handed them my card and said “when you have time just view and filter what works for you“. All of a sudden the 24 year old male said “Yes I Will as soon as I get back to our hotel.“ I said “No! You are giving me your power. Stop“. He did not understand. I have seen this before. When the young that are very impressionable get the Height of Energy, they think they mute obey. They have been put in a group trance and are floating on cloud nine. I said “when you come in contact with a powerful person just say “Thank you for your guidance and when I have time, I will consider reading and viewing your website.” That statement keeps you power stable.” That is the guidance AS A STORYTELLER AND LISTENER I CAN GIVE TO YOU“. THEY UNDERSTOOD AND I FELT GOOD IN THE NEW LIFE I FOUND .
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You are the King or Queen of Your World

Dear Souls March 15,2015

There are a lot of Kings and Queens leaving their Kingdoms.

I left my Kingdom and roamed to various restaurants for my entertainment . I listened to many Kings and Queens  performing various roles to comfort them.

These are some of the story’s that happened to me as I played Grandma Michele The story teller and listener.

I listened to a man that told me ,he was late getting to his office on 9/11 . He watched from the streets the first plane that went into the tower his office was on . All died form his floor including his brother who was his partner. His kingdom fell before his eyes . This man was intoxicated when telling me his story . I don’t know if he fabricated just to get my human feelings stirred up.

When I go out by myself .I look to be entertained with joy ,not drained with grift story’s. Those that need consoling,need to see a priest or councilor. There are many to choice from to unload their troubles to .   This photo is a happy woman I met at NY Prime and I got to invite her to see a afternoon movie just to bring us both some joy.

.IMG_3262 IMG_3224 Fun with Joe at Racks IMG_3246 IMG_3260 Fun alone with my puppets and a glass of wine IMG_3258 IMG_3209 IMG_3199 Fun just wandering by the water ways .

More fun  that night with my friend  IMG_3290 Madeline at Atlantic Grill.  I met Alisa at happy hour at  Pigeon Grill. Then Boca Blue martini to dance ,   IMG_3280IMG_3289IMG_3283Fun having dinner with Tommy again .He was getting his strength back from his cancer treatments just by seeing my positive energy around him that night .

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Dear Souls March 4,2015

I’m still at the foot of my Moms bed and my brother is by her side in West Boca Medical Center . Mom has the will to do what ever it takes to get back home to her home in Boca Raton . She surprised the physical therapist today and walked with his help and the walker around the nurses station and the hallway nearby. She was awakened by her spirits that are still guiding her “Light” . She will be going home soon to the comfort of her bed ,her chair ,her bathroom ,her living room . She does have 24 hour care there with my brother ,health care provider and me until I leave for my own home in Damascus PA sometime in April this year.  IMG_1218Look at the rainbow over my retreat . Many people find what they need just by lying under the sun on one of may healing rocks the Devine has granted me to be a steward of this property I own .

IMG_1212MNA_4808MNA_4748photo of front of Damascus home

Today it is covered with snow crystals resting on the pond .Soon to be gone. Making room for the return of the butterflies to spread the seeds of life.

The cycle of life is just and endless circle of awakenings.

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“Is there anything I can do for you? “

Dear Souls 3/3/2015

I’m still at West Boca Medical Center at the Foot of my Mom’s bed .My brother is siting in a chair next to her bed . Mom is sleeping very comfortably. The staff took good care of her bodily needs. Mom’s own spirits inside and out side of her are working on guiding her back home to her conception. We sit and ponder the life time roads we took that led us here to our Mother that gave us a passage way into our lives. Her Love ,Her Body, and our Father that is deceased . He too is still part of our existent. Our father is here in sprit standing by her bedside . He is aware I feel his presents is always within me and surrounds me as a comforting blanket of loving energy.

Last night I did not sleep well . I was up wide awake a few hours throughout the night. My mind was taking an inventory of the information I had stored in my computer brain . It was time to delete what was not beneficial to my wellbeing. My own intervention was prescribe by me . Too many cob webs needed to be swept away with the blood sucking spiders I had  caught in my web for me to consume. They were  poison and they wanted me dead . How did I take control of my Head? I just breathed and told myself my own fairy tales.  I sang to myself lullabies. I wrapped my arms around myself and cried which released all the toxic poison in me . I was able to fall into a peaceful sleep and rebirth myself again as I renewed my existence today.IMG_1191

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Dear Souls 3/2/2015

Energy that keeps us alive you can feel it as you smile. You can feel it as it causes our robotic  cells to  accelerate, regenerate, our guiding ” Light” . “Energy” recycles it’s form for us to understand why we were born. We are here for a purpose to give or to take for the survival of the human race . Our thoughts, our memories are just a manifestation of the world we created. Each one of us is connected to the energy source that created us.

I am typing the story in Baca Regional Hospital at the foot of the hospital bed my Mom is in now . I was here on this same floor 2 years ago while my son was lying in the hospital bed, almost one month . He recovered as I know my mom will recover in a week because they are still needed for all the others they are still attached to . I will be able to meet again all the Light Workers  that took care of my sonphoto 5   and the new ones taking good care of my Mom here.

When ever my mom awakes ,I am here for her to see me . By seeing me ,she knows she is loved and that is her reason to get her energy back for her to survive. IMG_3203IMG_0850

Yesterday I needed to see Arnold Abbott by the church. His nonprofit org was feeding the homeless in the backyard of the church. He has been on the TV news because of his mission— http://www.lovetheyneighbor.org. He started to feed the needy people living on the streets about 20 years ago after his wife died.  The bad publicity of the Local  TV News helped his organization with money donations. The city is legally through the courts trying to stop him from feeding the homeless.

Arnold yesterday said to me ” I am an old stubborn Jew that will not stop helping the needy until I am no longer living . He is 89 years old and bent over from all the work he took upon his soul to care for those on the streets of Ft Lauderdale FL. He said” the wealthy politicians are creating an environment without our liberties to protect us”. IMG_0622 This photo is one of the homeless men I met that is in need of welfare benefits for his health. He still is going through paper work that keeps him living on the streets . He is one of the many stories I just listened to in Ft Lauderdale by the beach .

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“Look Around You and what do you see? “

Dear Souls Feb20,2015

Look around you and what do you see ? Take a deep breath now let it out, let go of attachments and evolve. You will be creating the best in yourself. You are in your Universe and so are all the others you meet in their Universe . You are on your time line and so are all the other on their time line . Think of a spider web that you weave to catch what ever you need to consume . Our instinct to consume the life energy of others so we reproduce replicas of ourselves is our individual universal survival.

Too much drama for me lately, draining my life energy. I stayed home tonight to clear the fog clouding my perception of what is real and what is my imagination.

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“Someone Special was introduced today to me “

IMG_2854IMG_2812Dear Souls Feb 18,2015

Someone Special was introduced today to me . It was Me when I looked in the mirror. I saw the reflection of the Devine Me that was very powerful with self love .

I have a dear girlfriend that challenged  me to my beliefs. I stopped the duel fighting of texting back and forth for it did not serve any good for our friendship . I just said for now go your way with your beliefs that are serving you and I will go my way for my beliefs that are serving me . I have learned not to be the judge for anyone except myself and it feels freeing .

A male friend  of mine sent me a message to watch a you tube one hour video today titled A Message to all Lightworkers – Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com       on my Face Book Message and he posted the link on FB for all his Followers to watch . I watched it and it was a mirror of my thoughts. I focused on the images behind Matt Kahn that were shadows of shapes that took various forms I could identify with my sensitive minds third eye. First I started to past judgment on my visual perception ,then I realized as the dialog went on I was seeing myself in the shadows. It was an awaking for me to learn that I am blessed every moment with connections that are enhancing me to enjoy each stage I love playing on and my audience is all universes created in my mind.

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