“Chop Liver “

Dear Souls Oct 28/2016

Am I “Chop liver” to you ? I asked myself as I looked in the mirror of my reflection . The Mirror answered “Yes ” I said ” Why ? The mirror said” you needed to play that role. I said “Why ? The mirror said “until you forgive yourself ” I said Why ? The mirror said ” nothing ” I understood the silence from my own reflection . It was me creating and destroying just to learn from challenging myself to evolve.


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“One Day at A Time “

Dear Souls Aug 28,2016 Do you recongnize the two of us? We are reflections of your inner child that needs to be set free. The photo was taken by Edward S. Dudck one of the owners of Bradstan Countr…

Source: “One Day at A Time “

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“New Day “

Dear Souls Aug.10.2016

I was up at midnight wide awake . I had gone to bed at 10 pm feeling great. I asked myself “Why ? ” My mind went a drift as if it was sailing away somewere for some known reason for me to learn a new life lesson . “How perfect “, to experience  a surreal energy healing to my physical being.

Before I went to bed I gave myself a electric stimulating massage treatment for an hour with a class 11 medical device . The device simulates my energy points so my flow continues and I feel bliss.

That electric stimulation woke up an awareness in my subconscious.It opened another dimension of reality to my mindfulness.

Letting go of useless drama from the world I had created to be the drama queen felt calming to me . My voyage for 3 hours took me outside of my body . I was flying over fields and valleys . Over water to far off places I had been before . I flew into the stars and beyond  this Universe . When I returned back into my body at 3 am ,I felt blessed and comfortable all snuggled in bed like a new born baby. No care in the world . No dramas . A New Day had begun for me .

Getting up to go to the bathroom and returning to my bed,I looked at my clock and it was 8:18 am . I had been asleep 5:18 hours and remembered the flying voyage .

My routine in the morning was to exercise in the lower level of my Damascus Retreat . IMG_7586IMG_7585

I had been the  female moth flying the night before in my dreams to absorb month

Moth photo by Jerry Cohen.

experiences that were comfortable and uncomfortable.

I continued to build and destroy with my energy what mattered to my wellbeing.


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“I Am “

Dear Souls Aug 1,2016

20160724_170525I bought this photo of a Female Moth. At Stay Cat gallery Bethel N.Y. a week ago at their art reception . The photographer Jerry Cohen and his sister Stacy Cohen are gifted people that opened their hearts to build an art world for the community I  treasure that is 18 miniutes away from my Damascus Retreat . I purchased the female month I call Alfa  Waves because of the vibration that brought us back to “I Am ” “I Am is a frequency I channel into that feeds me Universal information to sustain my Evolving energy to absorb knowledge . I left Alfa Waves at Stay Cat gallery hanging for others to enjoy her beauty for a while . My condition of purchase was for Jerry and Stacy to bring Alfa Waves to my Damascus Retreat to take a walk on my blissful grounds  and enjoy some herbal tea. They have until Sept.to enjoy the invite. I will be leaving my retreat and traveling to write .

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Dear Souls July 31,2016

Breath and enjoy the joy of living . Callicoon Country Fair July 30,2016

Shlomo Franklin entertaining while Lisa Gonsalves writes the daily specials on the porch of the Western Hotel . Breath and enjoy the ride of your life being human .


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” The word Fear is an illusion we self create”

Dear Souls July 25,2016

  1. The Fear is an emotion . Fear is an illusion. This might be a difficult concept to absorb when a human being is a thread away from death in the hell life storm self created. IMG_6713
  2. I have created all my Michele Wendy Cowan Schuchman role plays to move from Fear of Death to “Faith ”  living One day at a timeIMG_7394
  3. ” People observe the character “Grandma Michele ” KWilliams_Michele_Oct2011-68as a energetic happy child in an adult body playing with stuff animals and puppets.
  4. Every living creature is playing a character role . Some are entertaining and some are not .
  5. Living a life  ,You gotta listen as your Mind unfolds,challenge what the future holds. Try and keep your head up to the sky and smile, they may cause you tears. Go ahead release your fears,stand up and be counted.Don’t be ashamed to be yourself.




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My power of “Light”

Dear Souls 7/ 11,2016

Peaceful,creative focus music for study,artistic work,gentle soothing music is playing while I blog my power of “Light” .

I am in the month of Cancer 7/11/2016 . I have studied the zodiac Cancer personalities of family and friends conceived  from the Cancer star. Many of them are Star Children wandering on Planet Earth. All of them need love while living on Planet earth.

Who gave the name “Cancer ” to the cells that invade our bodies and cause death?

I embrace my breast cancer cells in a loving way as I hold my tender breast in my hands so dear. I speak to my Breast Cancer Cells and ask them to communicate with me. There is silence within them conception-to-birth-prolog3as they flow through my stream into my river below Planet Earth.

. Music is all I hear.

“Light” is all I see next to me that is Lighting up my way back home . Home is where I am. I am what I am ,I am who I am, I am what is within my skin that covers my Light. I am just “Light “

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