” The word Fear

Dear Souls July 18,2016

Fear is an emotion . Fear is an illusion .

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My power of “Light”

Dear Souls 7/ 11,2016

Peaceful,creative focus music for study,artistic work,gentle soothing music is playing while I blog my power of “Light” .

I am in the month of Cancer 7/11/2016 . I have studied the zodiac Cancer personalities of family and friends conceived  from the Cancer star. Many of them are Star Children wandering on Planet Earth. All of them need love while living on Planet earth.

Who gave the name “Cancer ” to the cells that invade our bodies and cause death?

I embrace my breast cancer cells in a loving way as I hold my tender breast in my hands so dear. I speak to my Breast Cancer Cells and ask them to communicate with me. There is silence within them conception-to-birth-prolog3as they flow through my stream into my river below Planet Earth.

. Music is all I hear.

“Light” is all I see next to me that is Lighting up my way back home . Home is where I am. I am what I am ,I am who I am, I am what is within my skin that covers my Light. I am just “Light “

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