“grateful to be alive and healthy “

Dear Souls May 17,2015

I am grateful to be alive and healthy today . I have abundance love for myself and nature  IMG_1218MNA_4754Both of us have attitudes. We have issues with some of our elements that  surround our awareness . Those issues are ingrained in our genetic codes to survive or die so we can keep the endless cycle in constant perpetual motion.

When I site in silence here at my retreat on my computer typing my thoughts, I feel blessed.   I have challenged my learning disabilities with time to evolve and let go the notion that I am not equipped to be as productive as I am .

I could shovel the cement over my head and keep my face hung low to be the victim and let those that have victimized me be pouring more cement over me until I suffocate and disintegrate . Turning my head as if I did not feel the pain the bullet that hit me between my eyes is a lie. Saying to the bullet as if it could understand me “You are a illusion of issues I am absorbing into my consciousness. Bullet , you are here to take me out of the accumulation  of disruption that is no linger useful for my existence. I am going  willing with you. My death is my rebirth. It is also an illusion I contrived out of a belief system that had its purpose for orderliness. I hang on believing all this is just story’s that are only meaningful if there is someone listening to my idle chatter that keeps me grounded to Mother Earth and Father Sky .

My dear friends do not worry , I am not taking my life or letting anyone else take my life . I lived in a fairytale world for most of my life . Now, like you I  live in a world that is off balance with addictions controlling  minds with medications ,media, and fear that are toxic. I have only one solution breath and get to know thyself . Watch yourself bloom and die each season.  Absorb and filter through your own intent . Be honest with your feelings. Ask for help with knowledge to learn how to be productive and felling good about yourself and your relationship with others. If at this time I suggest to  learn how to be alone ,the answer will come from an unexpected place. My place I get it from birds singing to me. Today  while walking on my property with a stranger ,We saw a family of five black bears running across my fields in front of us. You will here a song significant to your ear . Bless these words which I give you freely today . Be grateful to be alive and healthy I am .  Grandma Michele IMG_3769

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“Validation “spirts

May 13,2015

Dear God  Bless you for giving me validation of my belief system.

Today May 13,2015 a service man named David came to my retreat to service my P&M alarm system because I had a gas leak last week and the gas alarm did not go off to alarm me . I could be dead now from a gas explosion if the sprits that live here with me did not make me aware that my son left a gas burner on the stove for two days until I finally smelled the gas filling up inside my home and opened all the windows ,put the fans on in all the rooms went to the stove and lite the front burner to cook something for myself and say that the flame was not on the rear burner where the gas was coming from. I turned the nob on off . It was on medium  for 24 hours with no flame. I could not understand why did my gas alarm that I had PM install last year in September did not go off for my alert. I had spent a lot of money for my safety because of my dear friends gas explosion in their home last year Fathers day . Both husband and wife died a horrific death from their gas leak.

I called PM alarm to ask why did my alarm not go off with the amount of gas  from the leak in the propane gas  stove. Thy agreed to send a service man to check the connections.

  1. They sent David today . David put in the original instillation .When David put in the original installation ,I intuitively knew David’s mother died recently and that was why he met me . I told David I do not hear voices and the dead do not speak to me . The sprits do connections for me to validate that the departed are here. We  can connect for the highest good for all if we are open to transformation.

  2. Last Sept I gave David a gift . It was a charm crystal clock that did not work . I told David that this clock was a sign about time. The time was  for his mother to validate she is here in another dimension as a sprit. I told David to mark the date and time that he gets the clock working again. I said it will be a significant time of a passing or a birth of a family member. When David came today,I asked did you get the clock working . He said “yes but he forgot to write the time and date down . He said “When I was told that I would be doing a service call today at your home Grandma Michele ,I was shocked because today May 13 is my Mothers birthday . He also said that 9 months ago his sisters daughter conceived a child and that child is due in two days but she went into false labor yesterday and was sent home from the hospital . I think she will be born today on my Mothers birthday ” I said ” e-mail me and let me Know ” I asked David to send in a testimonial to this validation of my ability to facilitate connections to validate sprits do exist . 

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Amazing Grace How Sweet it is

May 8,2015

Dear Souls

“Amazing Grace How Sweet it is ” was Flora and her husband Gabriel as we sat on their front porch breaking bread and saying our prayers.

I only met them by the grace of God. They helped me with needed gas  for my son’s friends work truck. His gas gage was broken and they thought was empty. I returned the container , replacing the gas I used.

Flora and Gabriel started a conversation about their incredible garden and I needed to rest . Flora took a fall while she was carrying  plates of food. The plates filled with food scattered everywhere. I ran to help her as she was crying in pain . She had two knee replacements and thought her knee replacements would be undone. She had no clue I was a healer as I  started to work some energy around her. I held her hand and told her just to breath . Her husband ran over to us and helped pick her up . She could stand but very shucking up  . We sat down and I was able to calm her down. I change the painful conversation to all the plants in her garden. She told me  about her skills of farming & cooking .IMG_3791 I was impressed . She was making bread from scratch . Flora and Gabriel were happy to find out that I believed in God and that I was born a  Jew.  They were amazed when I told them about my Great Grand Parents that took refuge in Romania before  World War I broke out  and then returned home to their farm in Poland after the War . We shared history, as we ate Floras home made Soup, pasta salad & Venison for our brunch .They gave me  presents— a book The Great Controversy Ended – A Glimpse into  Eternity . Flora gave me half of the Bread Loaf to take home for my son IMG_3794. She gave me a jar of Tomato sauce  and fruit she vacuumed bottled. Gabriel told me stories of miracles  saving his life and the service he gives in the name of Jesus to others . They both gave me service of Amazing Grace.

Gabriel said “allow the angel in your head to tell you where you need to be” . The majority of people believe we have Angels and Devils in our heads feeding us information.  That is their belief because that is the information they absorbed from everything that was feed into their computer brain and stored . When we are born our brain only has survival instincts stored to exist . The rest of information is learned from communication and experiences. If the computer brain is not feed Good or Evil .It does not compute good or evil. Our computer brain attaches words with feelings from experiences . The brain is just like a computer. It has to be maintained ,not overloaded . Our brain is up dated as time goes by with new systems of software to hold new data so we can transform and evolve may life cycles. In my situation, I have to delete some data to make room for new data to secure a comfortable healthy life style in my body that is hosting me.

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Is my train running on the same time schedule as your train schedule?

Dear Souls May 6,2015

Is my train running on the same time schedule as your train schedule ? If it is you are reading my blog maybe for the first time and maybe you are beginning to schedule your train to connect to my train and say attached for your own reason. Howevery you got here only matters to you . I am just happy you are here with me for as long as you need to be.

Lets begin today’s story : Schedules

Schedules are based on time . If you run on a different speed than me ,you maybe to fast or to slow to listen to me . I speak slow ,I do most things slow because in my lifetime when I drove my train to fast ,I crashed or had a breakdown .I was very lucky at every crash there was help to teach me how to fix my engine again and left me up to continue enjoying the ride as the engineer of my train or a passenger of my own train.Sometimes my train needed service for a length of time so I was lucky a wisdom train invited me to take a ride to learn from those that also were on board to share stories.I was always asked to leave when the engineer knew  my train back on track and ready to move forward or backward by my  command.   As a human engineer, for my own safety and the safety of those aboard my train ,I needed coverage because my train ran 24 hours 365 days a year. It only stopped when I needed fuel and allowed pasengers to board and asked passangers to leave because they were carrying to heavy a load for my train . They would have to find another train that could accommodate their loads.  I  have to always been able to find  responsible engineers Rachid & Grandma Michele at Vino's Bar in Boca Raton on ThursdayThese engineers would be paid for  required responsibilities  from me  as a intuitive life coach and energy healer . All of the lucky ones I choice  learned fast ,became successful and let go of their pain. They  were eager to detach with love from my train and start their own engine going on their train . Anytime their trains  were going to be near my Damascus Retreat they knew that  now they have to pay a fee to rest at the Damascus Retreat.  They remembered from their first intuitive coaching session from me that  nothing in life is free .Even family members needed to bring a gift of value that would enhance the Retreats physical appearance for others.  There is always some price to pay for accommodations in the reality we created. Food & shelters have to be maintained with some form of labor . Labor cost money or some trade to equal the value they need .

In my life time of giving hand outs ,I drained my resources and buried myself . In my life time when I gave hands up to come aboard my train contracts were made because living a balance life is a ongoing business for me .

I am a Mother,sister,daughter cousin,friend,acquaintance and business woman. I have some form of agreements  with all my  relationships. I establish first boundaries . I am territorial.Sometimes I do have to make written contracts because hand shakes and hugs do not work. When relationships did not work for my survival,I would detached with Love . My door would always reopened when the relationship would compile to my rules.  I learned the hard way that I only own my own load I was willing to carry  on my train . I did not own anyone’s else s load . They owned it and they would have to learn how to handle it with their free will.

This past Sunday I met a woman that is a lawyer while I was on my date . She had a deep conversation with my date while I was shopping in a store . When I sate next to my date age 65 and this woman age 52 ,I listened to my date try to be her personal affairs consular . This woman was smart . She told my date to stop telling her what to do about  angry ,hated disconnection from her parents .Just because my date felt that giving off the energy of anger brings anger  back to that person,he assumes their life is uncomfortable . This could all be true according to one’s beliefs . The point I am making was the woman was just trying to enjoy her day off at the lake and was not looking for any kind consoling for her choices .

After that my date said “I apologize for asking for her contact information ” I said “It does not bother me that we were out on a date and you asked for her phone number and another woman’s phone number because you are just seeking new friends to hang out with by the lake. By spending the day with me on my train ,he was able to meet others and have fun. I was just happy for both of us. His train ride was over after the date .  I told him his boundaries before he came aboard . He agreed to the contract . If our trains are on the same schedule ,I might take him aboard for another date in the future .

My marital contract lasted 30 years . Both of us gained value . My  heart wall bleeding out from the divorce . Filling the holes to close my heart wall took time. He moved on faster and got remarried 2 years later and resumed his speed with new passengers on his train .

June 18,2015 I will be divorced 6 years . I have had many men coming aboard my train just for a date. My  heart wall is healed and closed at this time. My intuitive mind knows that some day somewhere some king will find me and penetrate with love my heart wall. We will be married just like the end of my fairy tale life. My final destination is back home to the source that created me . IMG_0839

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Being colorful today

May 4,2015

Dear Soul’s

My professional  business appointment  was at the Himalayan Institute  today.

To bring some spring color to this glorious day ,I wore clown leggings, and a big smile on my happy bright face.Those that climb the business latter fast and win their goals have tunnel vision .

It was interesting for me that the local community in the Delaware Valley only saw the charitable character grandma Michele as an entertainer. As a business woman, I needed to brand my character and be noticed to communities where ever I traveled for my  company http://www.allaboutmytimenow.com. I became a celebrity.

I have no fear. It is only  what I think of myself living a productive life today.2015-05-04 14.15.29        

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“Be selective “.

May 4,2015

Be selective with those you allow to share your knowledge of wisdom from your inception .

Yesterday I had a date with a very kind man .We met at my suggestion at Fat lady’s Restaurant overlooking  the lake . IMG_3755I met this man the night before dancing at the Lava Lounge at Monticello NY Casino. At first I expressed I was very busy with my private practice and did not have any time to just go out and enjoy someone’s light for fun . Then I asked that man what was he doing the next day on Sunday ? He said he was going to church first and would be free by 3 pm . I said If you like you can take me out for a late lunch and enjoy the day with me . He was happy I responded to his thoughts of connection. The real reason I was so hesitant was he was pouring on his love as if I was his soul mate and he just got his  gold goose back. I put that aside because I did need a day off from work just to enjoy the lake ,new connections and seeing some connections from my past along the route.

He was a social worker that grew with helping others for the past few years . He still is codependent and that is an issue for me . He saw my light and acted like a male turkey to impress me for  seduction . Immediately, my red flags were raised to stop his intent  that was uncomfortable to me . He stopped and did respect me.

The same relationship continued on our first date –3pm – 10 pm Sunday. May3,2015 IMG_3769At the end of the date I stood in front of this pole and put my finger to my mouth to suggest to him to just listen to nature and all the beauty around us . I suggested he stop trying so hard to help others and work on himself in silence by listening to his own power of suggestion he does for his own good . We get hurt because we stop being selective with what is beneficial to the energy that fuels our own train to drive our good intentions to our own destination .

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Our Dreams

May 3,2015

Our Dreams we remember come from absorption of the experience we had up to the period before we fell asleep.

The confusion of reality to non reality is different for every human experience .

As a story teller I will tell you two of my dreams I had in the last two nights that were surreal to me .

Two nights ago in my Surreal dream . I was still married to my last husband Barry . There was a war going on and my son went into the battle field. I was told my son Bobby got killed there .At that moment in the surreal dream, I spoke to my son Bobby’s soul that was now next to me . I said ” see you did not believe me when you were in a body . You had to shed your body in battle to know you still exist as a consciousness in non physical form ” Yes Mom you were right .I am so sorry to have doubted you . What can I do now to help you ”   I said ” you are part of everything .You have completed your mission in the body . You new mission is in another dimension with your creator. I set you free from me . Mother earth and Father sky are now you umbilical cords you are attached to. At that moment I woke up from the Surreal Dream . It bothered me at first to think my son was dead,then I realized it was just a dream . That dream was because I had a conversation during the past few days of my beliefs and my son was not buying my beliefs .

My son Bobby could not see the Elephant in our home that was visible to me . Only I could see the and hear what I needed to see for what mattered to me.

Last night I was siting at an event with a friend of my and her friend that has cancer . I stared at the her face with cancer inside her body. I felt pain on my the right side of my face . In my Surreal Dream I had cancer on the right side of my face . The energy that I had absorbed into my mind was poison . This woman that has the return of her cancer is kind, very charitable. She was a nurse when she was able to work . It was just the pain that showed up in my dream . Night mares are unsolved issues that causes us restless sleep.

I have unsolved issues too. that is why the Surreal Dream happened to me .

The morning after :

I asked myself  ” Why did I not have a beautiful colorful joyful Surreal dream last night . I had fun being out alone . First at two art receptions in Callicoon NY .I posted photos on my FB page about the amazing connections . Then I went to Thunder Bash Event and enjoyed the Free concert with friends . I even met an interesting man and danced with him in the Lava lounge at the Monticello NY Casino. I was light up like a bright happy star all night giving off joyful entertaining energy to all those that looked at me . The dream was what no one saw on the outside reflection. The dream was relevant to the work I do here at the retreat and on line to my clients. http://www.allaboutmytimenow.com

What you wish for you will receive . Make sure it is in your best intention so you are pleased with the gifts you get for paying it forward to the generation to come . 2015-05-02 18.34.23         First art Reception in Callicoon NY at Lee Hartwell Antiques .artist of painting behind me Alex Zwarenstein  .Lee prepared all the food and presentation .2015-05-02 18.35.42on the silver platters he sells at the hidden Jewel Lee Hartwell Antiques.

Second Art Reception in Callicoon NY at Café Devine  Naomi Teppich  just to support the artist my friend and have a glass of red wine .

Final destination Monticello Casino for the 10th Thunder Bash Event . You were suppose to bring canned food for those in need .I brought my bags2015-05-02 20.52.05 but I was disappointed to see that many could not bring their cans but could go to the casino and lose money they needed for food .

At the end of the Thunder Bash Event ,I went up on stage just for fun to have my photo taken of me giving off my outside joy 2015-05-02 22.05.222015-05-02 22.04.27 Your dreams are the pieces of your own puzzle to solve and learn what you are owning on that might be sabotaging or creating your true destiny. this is just my story as Grandma Michele the Story Teller and Listener. Enjoy the Sunshine all day . It is Sunday here in Damascus PA and I am happy to say I am at my Retreat  . Share my Story’s .LOL Grandma Michele

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