My prediction

April 16,2015
My prediction today April 16,2015 . Our next president to take office 2016 will be Hillary Clinton . I am not for her or against her with her government policies because I choice to not the facts that are available on line for me to make a responsible choice for the government we are now living with . I do support the USA and pay my taxes abide by the regulations in my rural district community of Damascus PA . I might not like some of the regulations I have to live by in this community with its rules for me to operate my retreat with all the good intentions and work I do for those that are lucky to visit me on my property I own If I choice to continue my work even with free charity for some desperately in need of my services, I have to abide by the costly town rules. My choice My freedom because I do live in America the land of the free.

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“Intuitive Life Coaching “

April 16,2015
Dear Souls
Intuitive life coaching services for my clients is based on my own foundation of the daily life coaching I do for myself.
#1 example
At 3am today I found myself wide awake as if I had experienced some transformation while sleeping 5 hours comfortable in my bed at my Damascus Retreat in PA .
At first ,I thought I must try to fall back to sleep. I felt annoyed at myself because I was wide awake and fully rested. How could that be on only five hours sleep when I was physical drained from the work load I had accomplished during the day and early evening.
My thinking dialog with myself as a intuitive life coach reminded me the many transformations I had successfully achieved.
# 2 life experience of one transformation skill I believed I would accomplish. To be an artist at the age of 60 —
I would paint to about 4 am in the morning and then go to sleep feeling accomplished on my productivity teaching myself how to paint by trial and error at my home in Arizona. You can view some of my art work now for sale on my gallery on line
The hours in a day one decides to devote to a field of passion is anytime that it is comfortable and satisfying. The amount of sleep needed to fuel my brain has always come as needed.
I asked myself at this time in the morning what would be the most satisfying accomplishment I could do for myself . My answer was to send some emails out for my business thanking those that I have been doing some life coaching work for and setting up some other clients for new prospective life coaching business.
Coach potatoes are only productive in keeping a coach cozy and warm with their butt.
I prefer to keep myself cozy and warm wrapped in universal creative energy that I absorb through life lessons of reflections and connections.
# 3 The next thought that came to me was to write this blog as an instructional intuitive life coaching on line free class to all those that read my information and use it for their own self motivated coaching skills.
Time now 5:30 am . I will go back to sleep feeling satisfied with the 2 1/2 hours of computer work I accomplished for you to share .
Thank you for reading and sharing my work as a intuitive life coach Grandma Michele

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It happens when it was meant to happen to you

Dear Souls April 3,2015
“It happens when it is meant to happen ” What ever your wishes are. It will happen sometime to the essence of you . The you I speak about is not the body you are in at the present . It is the source of your Devine being that never dyes. It transforms and reforms in another substance of energy . Your energy may add to the life of the sun, moon, stars or even into a fifth dimension that lives in a parallel world to our third dimension. When you are aware there are endless possibilities that can happen to you at an instant ,you realize you are just a part of everything you can conceive. It can be overwhelming if you carry it alone on your back . It can be more beneficial to give some of your energy back . When you give Freely ,you will feel free to know you don’t have to know anything except yourself and your intentions will manifest into it whatever it is you need.

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“Reflections and Connections”

March 31, 2015

Dear Souls,

Reflections of ourselves are validated in the connections of those we meet along our Human Journey.

This past week I watched and listened to those I connected to and was pleased to understand more about me.

Rachid Boukrim met me for Happy Hour at Meatball Room in Boca Raton to help me with my computer. His passion of driving his train was just a reflection of my passion of me driving my train.

Rachid & Grandma Michele at Meatball Room in Boca Raton on Wednesday

Our destinations were similar, and different because of our individual culture’s and age difference.. Rachid is half my age and respects me as a Mother or Grand Mother. He is also protective of me and that felt natural as if his blood ran through my veins.

He was a story for me to write about and learn as I live the stories I created by thinking as I listen.

On Thursday, Rachid connected again with me at Racks, then Max’s Grill and Vino’s wine bar in Boca Raton. We flowed like two rivers flowing together, and then running off to our own river of Knowledge.

Rachid & Grandma Michele at Max's Grill in Boca Raton on Thursday - picture#2Rachid & Grandma Michele at Max's Grill in Boca Raton on Thursday - picture#2









Rachid & Grandma Michele at Vino's Bar in Boca Raton on Thursday

On Saturday, Rachid invited me for Brunch at Avocado Grill in West Palm Beach. I was lucky to see my former Michele’s Restaurant reflection in Bryan Ralph. Bryan was a conductor, leading his band of employees to perform gracious culinary hospitality for his guests at Avocado Grill.

I was proud to listen to him performing expertly his role as General Manager of the Avocado Grill Restaurant.

photo 4

Rachid & Grandma Michele -- Avocado Grill brunch on Saturday








Rachid and I continued to enjoy the day at the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015. I introduced Rachid to some of my friends who met us there. We were invited to go on some very large Yachts to view them. One of my friends, Tommy Borynack age 71, had to rest because he was undergoing major cancer treatments. His energy was depleted and he left us to go back home to rest. Rachid felt bad and wanted to help him home. But, Tommy being Tommy said no. Tommy is very proud and a silver star Vietnam recipient. I have tried to help Tommy for the past 3 years with his PTSD but he can’t let go of his night mares. He still has his dignity and if he has to die soon, it will be with dignity not letting anyone know the pain he carries all by himself. Rachid saw a reflection of himself in me at this connection, and I was pleased he validated for the both of us.

Tommy Borynack & Grandma Michele at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 on Saturdayphoto 2 (2)








Our day continued with just the two of us. We sat down on a white couch to rest at HMY Yachts private party. We both met some people we knew there. They came over to us as if we were the honey bees. They got their share of honey with conversations and some connections to lead them to some yacht sales. Rachid was now on his own train driving around the party and I was on my train doing similar train stops letting people off and on just for the enjoyment of reflections.

Janet, Rachid and Grandma Michele at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 private party on SaturdayRachid and Grandma Michele and other people we met at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 private party on Saturday -- picture#1








Rachid at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 private party on SaturdayJoe Budd Maniscalco & and Grandma Michele at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 private party on Saturday








It was a late night dancing in Camelot Yacht Club. My feet were hurting. I sat at the bar watching an old time movie starring Donald O’Conner. I laughed to myself reflecting back as a child, singing my favorite song “Hello Mother, Hello Father, and here I am at camp Granada. Take me home from camp Granada. Here I was in a camp again and it was getting to be too overwhelming for me. I just wanted Mother Earth and Father Sky to take me back home — meaning, back before I was born this time. Yet, I knew it will be not soon but soon I will be closer to them at my PA Retreat. I have booked my Amtrak train back April 8 this year. Rachid walked me to my car that night for my protection. He was surprised that I was able to stay up with him until 2:30am. We spent over 12 hours on an adventure of reflections.

Aleis Brown & Grandma Michele at Camelot Yacht Club in West Palm Beach on Saturday -- picture#1Aleis Brown & Grandma Michele at Camelot Yacht Club in West Palm Beach on Saturday -- picture#2







On Sunday, I returned to the Boat Show by myself. I met Janet Jones the day before, and she met me again to share some fun on Sunday. She was not looking for another couch potato. She was looking for a manicured King. I laughed and said so am I.

photo 4 (2)Janet Jones & Grandma Michele at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 on Sunday -- picture#2Janet Jones, Juliya Watson and Grandma Michele at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2015 on Sunday

At night, I was with the two Tommy Borynack and his friends at Camelot. I was able to entertain by dancing with my Silk wings all the Kings and Queens of Camelot.

It felt good to be good and just enjoy sharing my world of fantasy with those that chose to connect to me.

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” Rich to me”

Dear Souls March 27,2015
Rich to me is a Feeling . Think about what I mean. Rich is just a word that each individual because OF THEIR MANIFESTATIONS ATTACHES SOMETING MEANING FUL TO THE WRITEN OR SPOKEN WORD.
All attachments come from a seed . A seed if nourished will grow and give birth to new seeds . If not nourished the seed will dye . As it decomposes the seed is still nourishing the soil . Seeds ,soil, flowers, Birds and the bees are forms of substance . I call these riches because it is just a feeling of the attachment or value I put on what I see.
A new friend I met last Sunday half my age was taken by his feeling of me . His feeling was just a mirror image of what he valued in himself from his heritage.
Where ever I go I feel Rich because of the feeling being satisfied for that moment. It took me a very long to understand the energy of emotions and my thought process of the value of words. It is just a communication skill . Like any skill it is learned by trial and error. If something feels good, comfortable, I want more of it. If something feels bad and uncomfortable ,I let it go. Rich to me is information ,knowledge. It is my age and my experiences.IMG_2961

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“A Life lost and a life Found”


“A Life Lost and a Life Found”
March 24, 2015
Dear Souls,
March 22 was my girlfriend Madeline’s birthday and I was grateful to celebrate the day with her by having an adventure. We attended the Joe Budd Maniscalco’s Final Polo Tailgate Tent Experience of 2015 at Tent #1 at the International Polo Center, Wellington FL.
I felt like Alice in wonderland meeting all the characters playing their roles they chose for that day. The fashion statements did narrow the roles so it was easy for me to recognize the personalities that I would find appealing to my imaginative mind. At the beginning of the event, I did a lot of listening and observing, showing class. As time passed, and I drank a few glasses of wine, my hand puppets came out at half time for a photo shoot with some children. Quietly not to embarrass my Friend Madeline, I put lamp Chop and Kermit the frog away and became just a butterfly, flying around to all the colorful flowers {Humans}. Their scents were seductive to my energy. All I needed to do was to spread their seeds and watch it be nourished with love so new flowers could grow.
One of the Flowers I LANDED WAS Rachid Boukrim . He was in full bloom and smelled powerful. We exchange wisdom by me just listening. Then we both moved on. Photo of us——
Madeline and I danced at the private party after the Awards were given at the Polo Club. Many flowers {Humans} puzzled by the energetic butterfly that lost one life and now found a new life stayed in their material comfort zone.IMG_3348
There was a security guard earlier that I had to listen to. His name is Harold. Harold was surprised that I used seeds from him to spread to other flowers just to be enlightened with “Love“. Harold said ‘Why me? Most people look down on my race and culture because we are poor. I said ”No! You are Rich with kindness. Gratitude as an individual, not in the pack is what my six senses feel today”. I was grateful that I could help Harold feel like a Good King for just the moment we communicated.
Photo Harold and MeIMG_3357
The party was over and Madeline was by my side as I was driving out of the Polo Parking Lot. Two men were looking for a ride to their home a few blocks away. Madeline was surprised I stopped and gave them a lift. Earlier, they were at the private party dancing with me. They were drunk and I was happy they did not drive home drunk and possibly cause an accident. They were a little inappropriate asking us if we wanted to go into their outdoor Jacuzzi. I let it go. They would not even remember how they got home safely.
We needed to go for a ride and a walk somewhere safe because it was late. We went to Worth Ave. My sixth senses led my imagination to light the birthday candles on Madeline’s chocolate fudge cake. Photo —— Madeline made her wish as she blew her birthday candles out. Madeline’s Mom, Father and Brother from the other side were singing Happy Birthday. I think she knew it without saying it to me. My feeling was she was learning how to access her six and seventh senses.
After enjoying the fudge cake, we took a walk up Worth Ave. There was a man siting on a bench and reading a book. I stopped and asked the man “What are you reading?”. He said “Listening for God.“ I smiled. He said “I have made poor choices and now I need to listen for God to help me make good choice“. I said “ That is good. You are hearing God“. I said “I think you might find my stories I write on my blog interesting and entertaining. Here is my business card. It is only for the way I view this world as I have lost many lives and have found many new ones as a butterfly”.
I turned to Madeline as we continued our walk and said “You never saw this side of me“. Madeline said “No!“. As we walked back to my car, we met a young couple we met when we first arrived on Worth Ave. This Young couple had told us that they just came from a Gratitude seminar and they were feeling grateful. I handed them my card and said “when you have time just view and filter what works for you“. All of a sudden the 24 year old male said “Yes I Will as soon as I get back to our hotel.“ I said “No! You are giving me your power. Stop“. He did not understand. I have seen this before. When the young that are very impressionable get the Height of Energy, they think they mute obey. They have been put in a group trance and are floating on cloud nine. I said “when you come in contact with a powerful person just say “Thank you for your guidance and when I have time, I will consider reading and viewing your website.” That statement keeps you power stable.” That is the guidance AS A STORYTELLER AND LISTENER I CAN GIVE TO YOU“. THEY UNDERSTOOD AND I FELT GOOD IN THE NEW LIFE I FOUND .
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You are the King or Queen of Your World

Dear Souls March 15,2015

There are a lot of Kings and Queens leaving their Kingdoms.

I left my Kingdom and roamed to various restaurants for my entertainment . I listened to many Kings and Queens  performing various roles to comfort them.

These are some of the story’s that happened to me as I played Grandma Michele The story teller and listener.

I listened to a man that told me ,he was late getting to his office on 9/11 . He watched from the streets the first plane that went into the tower his office was on . All died form his floor including his brother who was his partner. His kingdom fell before his eyes . This man was intoxicated when telling me his story . I don’t know if he fabricated just to get my human feelings stirred up.

When I go out by myself .I look to be entertained with joy ,not drained with grift story’s. Those that need consoling,need to see a priest or councilor. There are many to choice from to unload their troubles to .   This photo is a happy woman I met at NY Prime and I got to invite her to see a afternoon movie just to bring us both some joy.

.IMG_3262 IMG_3224 Fun with Joe at Racks IMG_3246 IMG_3260 Fun alone with my puppets and a glass of wine IMG_3258 IMG_3209 IMG_3199 Fun just wandering by the water ways .

More fun  that night with my friend  IMG_3290 Madeline at Atlantic Grill.  I met Alisa at happy hour at  Pigeon Grill. Then Boca Blue martini to dance ,   IMG_3280IMG_3289IMG_3283Fun having dinner with Tommy again .He was getting his strength back from his cancer treatments just by seeing my positive energy around him that night .

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