” You don’t see or hear everything” 

Dear Souls April 26,2015  Today is Sunday and the sun is shining . I see that . The people around me are talking and I hear that . I don’t see or hear the source of energy that lead me here.Here is a wrong turn on my way to my destination . I stopped at the Historic Greeley Inn because my battery was low on my I phone . The owners I know from a few years ago . At that time I was a frequent guest enjoying the family hospitality . Stay with your own ability to know your true intentions . That is your foundation to what ever you wish to build for yourself 

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“Why did I need to be a Mom?”

Dear Souls
April 22,2015
Why did I need to be a mom ? The truth is that when I found myself pregnant ,it was not planned. In that instant when the doctor told me I was pregnant, It was just what I needed to learn about life. My son had chosen me to be his Mom . My beliefs ,we choice our parents while in another form of energy to be born in a life time to for fill our contract we make with the source that created us. The road we traveled together was always separated because both of us had different agenda’s on Planet Earth . It is just now that I am understanding my commitment to be mom . Mom that lives life nurturing with Love

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Looking for your answer?

Dear Souls April 21,2015
Looking for your answer? Your results are your answers . Think of it this way .You ask yourself a question and you wait to here the answer come immediately to you . You have matured this way. My generation “Baby Boomers” were willing to do what ever it took to bring about transformation . We were no different than any generation before us or after us. Our memories of good and bad times of our lives make up the tapestry of time.
My mom’s memories are closing up very quietly as many others. It is very painful to watch it and more painful for her still knowing she can not remember her own history.
Please remind yourself that your mind is the most valuable instrument you own. Play it daily . Watch what is attracted to you and what runs from you. Those are your results .The answers you have been waiting for.

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“Basic Instinct”

April 19,2015
Dear Souls
Basic Instinct we are born with to survive or thrive.
Why do we need to be validated by others to feel we own BASIC INSTINCT?
My belief is that we have been programed through our DNA to be puppets ,attached to our ancestors devastations that keeps us from transcending into the forth dimension.
My basic instinct at this time is that there is a shift happening now to billions of us that will be detaching with love the invisible ancestral DNA cords and with in the next decade we will be in the forth dimension.

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My prediction

April 16,2015
My prediction today April 16,2015 . Our next president to take office 2016 will be Hillary Clinton . I am not for her or against her with her government policies because I choice to not the facts that are available on line for me to make a responsible choice for the government we are now living with . I do support the USA and pay my taxes abide by the regulations in my rural district community of Damascus PA . I might not like some of the regulations I have to live by in this community with its rules for me to operate my retreat with all the good intentions and work I do for those that are lucky to visit me on my property I own .wwwallaboutmytimenow.com If I choice to continue my work even with free charity for some desperately in need of my services, I have to abide by the costly town rules. My choice My freedom because I do live in America the land of the free.

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“Intuitive Life Coaching “

April 16,2015
Dear Souls
Intuitive life coaching services for my clients is based on my own foundation of the daily life coaching I do for myself.
#1 example
At 3am today I found myself wide awake as if I had experienced some transformation while sleeping 5 hours comfortable in my bed at my Damascus Retreat in PA .
At first ,I thought I must try to fall back to sleep. I felt annoyed at myself because I was wide awake and fully rested. How could that be on only five hours sleep when I was physical drained from the work load I had accomplished during the day and early evening.
My thinking dialog with myself as a intuitive life coach reminded me the many transformations I had successfully achieved.
# 2 life experience of one transformation skill I believed I would accomplish. To be an artist at the age of 60 —
I would paint to about 4 am in the morning and then go to sleep feeling accomplished on my productivity teaching myself how to paint by trial and error at my home in Arizona. You can view some of my art work now for sale on my gallery on line http://www.allaboutmytimenow.com
The hours in a day one decides to devote to a field of passion is anytime that it is comfortable and satisfying. The amount of sleep needed to fuel my brain has always come as needed.
I asked myself at this time in the morning what would be the most satisfying accomplishment I could do for myself . My answer was to send some emails out for my business thanking those that I have been doing some life coaching work for and setting up some other clients for new prospective life coaching business.
Coach potatoes are only productive in keeping a coach cozy and warm with their butt.
I prefer to keep myself cozy and warm wrapped in universal creative energy that I absorb through life lessons of reflections and connections.
# 3 The next thought that came to me was to write this blog as an instructional intuitive life coaching on line free class to all those that read my information and use it for their own self motivated coaching skills.
Time now 5:30 am . I will go back to sleep feeling satisfied with the 2 1/2 hours of computer work I accomplished for you to share .
Thank you for reading and sharing my work as a intuitive life coach Grandma Michele

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It happens when it was meant to happen to you

Dear Souls April 3,2015
“It happens when it is meant to happen ” What ever your wishes are. It will happen sometime to the essence of you . The you I speak about is not the body you are in at the present . It is the source of your Devine being that never dyes. It transforms and reforms in another substance of energy . Your energy may add to the life of the sun, moon, stars or even into a fifth dimension that lives in a parallel world to our third dimension. When you are aware there are endless possibilities that can happen to you at an instant ,you realize you are just a part of everything you can conceive. It can be overwhelming if you carry it alone on your back . It can be more beneficial to give some of your energy back . When you give Freely ,you will feel free to know you don’t have to know anything except yourself and your intentions will manifest into it whatever it is you need.

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