“My thought today is my life today” “What is your thought today ?

Dear Souls Oct 24,2015

If you thought it is important to know my thoughts ,you will take time to watch on you tube grandmamichele1117 the 28 min GrandmaMichele’s legacy and understand that when I write a story I transform the human connection  into a cartoon creature for spreading “Light” .

Frank the Owl by night transforms to Frank the human friend of Grandma Michele from Planet Zatar .

Frank the human was open to the magical powers of Grandma Michele and sent her

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There is a writer “Grandma” Michelle Schuchman who recently published a book “From Conception to Birth”, and while it is fiction, this too helped I to see even in further depth how life is acknowledge at the point of joining.

This was posted Aug 18,2015  The number 18 is significant to  Grandma Michele’s thoughts because she was born on the 18th .   Frank the owl knew he would be helping Grandma Michele excel at a faster rate .

Grandma Michele’s parent’s were poor so they could not afford to buy a second L for her name Michele .

When Quoting Grandma Michele ,please spell with one L . She is observant as you are with the correct spelling of your name.

Think of the thoughts you have now as you are reading my blog.Too many thoughts.Not enough time. Too noises. Where is the balance . That is just a thought for you to think today . You are the balance . You are the answer.  You are what ever your thought is today .

Frank the human says to Grandma  Michele . It’s time to go out and play what ever role you enjoy today to light up your universe. Your lights will be reflected back to you as it always was and always will till the end of your reign as Grandma Michele .

Grandma Michele said ” I am going to be in a Halloween Costume Parade at 5 pm in Narrowsburg NY and after that I will end up at the Town Hall with a party ,food,games and fun! conception-to-birth-prolog2

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Bipolar Disorder

Dear Souls Sept 15,2015

This is the most meaningful story I have ever written on my blog grandmamichele.com .Please share it if you feel it can help someone that has had a family member or friend diagnose with this disorder.

Today I watched the Doctor Oz show . He interview a celebrity that shared his story of being diagnose Bipolar .

I know many people that have been diagnose bipolar. Many people may have the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and are relieved to be diagnose and treated by  medial  doctors so they can function. Many people are miss diagnose and die from treatment under a medical doctors advice .

Thank God I have  no degree’s to advise anyone to take or not to take their doctors advice.

All I am  is a listen and observer of energy as someone tells me their story.

Many people  have energy blocks that are stopping them from drinking the clear purified  water I ask them to drink. I suggest  they take a deep breath and let out the blocks of toxicity. Some of them cannot take a deep breath and let it all go into the wind. The poison has become numb from the addictions used to alter their mind. The body eventual dies .

In their mind the water is poison.They may be thinking my beliefs are poison . This thought plants a seed in their unconscious .When that seed is nourished it will grow with chaos energy causing  death. That seed may grow with self sacrificial beliefs of becoming a master by drinking the water that would be a fate worse than death. Humans are the seeds and are nourished with all the elements to have a experience then end that experience so the cycle can perpetuate eternal in other forms .

All of us created this world we live in . All of us can create a shift in this world through education of just learning the truth with validation not being judgmental or gossiping.

Take time for yourself and learn to balance your routine . Live the best life you can as a human being .

Be charitable to yourself by giving yourself the needed time to unwind the rate race that is consuming  humans today.

My time is spent being productive as a fiction writer. The fiction character Grandma Michele meets humans  and turns them into what ever would make them happy . One of the child  characters wanted to be a bubble. The child wanted to disappear from the attachments of  painful emotions. Grandma Michele from planet Zatar gave the child her wish to become a bubble . It was a very large bubble. The bubble did not burst . It only got larger and stronger and floated away . I wont tell you the end of the story . You will have to buy one of my new story books to read to your children. They can learn the message to think before making a wish to be something else because they are not happy with the way their story is going at a moment of disrepair. Grandma Michele the story teller and listener   gives you what you asked for .   conception-to-birth-prolog2

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Dear Souls Sept 7,2015 Labor Day

My profile has been written by many newspapers though out my business careers.

It was nice to see me being validated by the press and credible famous personalities from  service work I have been doing since my Shift .

Me visiting Tommy a Silver Star receiver from Vietnam  in West Palm Beach VA .

IMG_0771Entertaining the children at events and in the hospital IMG_0709IMG_0104 working with homeless IMG_0623in FL to inspire them to have faith .

My shift happened from a traumatic experience eight years ago. The details are not important . What is important was the road I took to recover my higher authentic self .

This past week I was able to serve and observe that were along the path I took .

I noticed that I was attracting a wave  of on lookers of many cultures . The diversification of became overwhelming and I knew I had to return to my retreat for my own healing .

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“Learning from Others, What is Meant for me and what is not Meant for me”

Dear Souls, 9/4/2015

Life should be beautiful and happy living in a world we are meant to live in.

This past week:

Sharing rides on the Wayne transportation service. This service provided by Pennsylvania was a learning experience of sharing.

August 30th

Wayne transportation picked me up at 8:00 am to go to a Honesdale senior center for a jazz class at noon. While waiting at the senior center, I was able to get information regarding my electricity bills.

Learning to follow the jazz teacher instruction was frustrating for me at first. My genetic disability of dyslexia and attention deficient disorder clouded my nervous system, so I needed to allow the teacher to know how I manipulate my own brain to learn the dance steps she was teaching us.  Once I shared this with the teacher and the other students my nervous cloud dissolved around me.I was able to learn the new dance she was teaching us.

In that class I learned  other students feelings of having fun by just dancing. Professional dancers we will never be.  Healthy happy joyful dances we were.

The teacher asked me if I will be back for more class lessons. I said ,when I feel I need to I will. My needs change like the wind that blows from east to west and west to east.

My driving passionate dancing has takes a back seat.

This time of my life that energetic engine on my brain of  to accomplish what others will judge me by, no longer fuels my engine flow.

Getting back to Wayne County Transportation bus riding as a passenger helped me to see was meant for me for just that moment of my time.

September 1st

8:00 am Wayne Transportation shared pickup for a 10:00 drop off at pen dot in Honesdale – My photo ID for my renewal drivers license.

My choice was to ride around on the bus to learn from others what was meant for me or not meant for me rather than using my own car transportation resources.

What mattered was the learning  application of transporting in rural areas.

Every time a person gets on a shared ride, the fee was a dollar to the Honesdale area. Out of the area to Scranton, Wilkesbare ,the fee was 1.75$. You do have to be on their schedule and inform them at least 2 days before they can give you their service.

Some of the people who take this transportation get annoyed by the length of time it takes to get to their destination. The bus driver has to remind those traveling that this is a SHARED RIDE not a limousine service.

The system that Wayne County has now is not cost efficient for rural areas. Hopefully  P.A. will purchase a new cost efficient system soon for rural areas.

The evening of September 3rd

We celebrated the 40th anniversary of the River Reporter with many friends at Narrowsberg Inn .A great place for food and meeting new friends at the Inn. 2015-09-03 19.02.082015-09-03 19.10.18My time there was a reflection and admiration to those I knew working at The River Reporter. The growth span coming from the roots of stories told were like the passing of bubbles that would hang around for an instant and then dissipate as if they never even existed.The only way a  reader could go and search for that bubble would be to go through the River Reporter archives contact production manager Amanda at amanda@riverreporter.com

September 4th my food shopping day pickup at 8:30 am  to Walmart then across the street to Weiss market and — pick up at 1 pm— home for the art student I am teaching  at 2:00 pm…

My round trip fee was 3 dollars. I’ve observed people that knew me in the community wondering why I was using this transportation rather than my own vehicle. If any of them were interested they could go online and read these stories I blog rather then assuming.

Human nature has been to judge others before they know good, bad, or indifferent story’s.

Human nature is shifting into a new nature that will perpetuate a balanced life for all.

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“Paying It Forward”

Dear Souls, August 30th 2015

I get my inspiration from the wind blowing through my home when the windows are open. The sound of the wind hitting the vertical metal blinds in my bedroom is like a tapping noise. The fan whirling around where I type in my living room sounds like a propeller in motion with a humming noise. The quiet, stillness of being alone with just my thoughts inspire me to just be creative and happy being me. When I go out I’m bombarded with energy from others, I must put up an invisible protective energy barrier around me. If I don’t do that,I get infected by the disease of others. There are some amazing people that have powerful good energy I allow to attach to me. When I feel that energy it helps remove some of the toxic energy that got through my barrier.

Here’s some examples of what happened to me this week.

August 24th I was picked up by Wayne transportation to go to the senior center in Honesdale PA. The bus driver was very kind and aware of my needs and those of the other passengers he was transporting to a destination.

In the senior center there was a table filled with fresh produce, I walked over to find out the story. I was told that the produce came from the Wayne County Jail. There is  a program for good behavior inmates to grow vegetables and use them in the facility plus donating  the surplus to our senior center. The energy of learning, the good resources  available as a senior Pennsylvania resident is a gift being paid forward to me.

I turned those vegetables into a hearty soup for my new friends that live  down the road from me. It felt good for me to pay it forward using  my culinary ability.

My artistic ability is a trade off for a young student living in my neighborhood. The student wanted to learn how to draw portraits. I knew how to teach. The trade was a contract between the student and I . The  student would type for me on my computer and I would give drawing lessons.

I could write all the negative dramas that occurred to me this week if I chose to, I chose not to and just let it go.  When I let it go that energy dissipates and can never harm me again.

What you sow is what you rep. IMG_3246

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“Opportunities all have if we are open to the Divine within our being human “

Dear Souls Aug.24,2015

Opportunity  will come your way if you are in need.

My personal story  . I had a car  accident Aug 1,2015 .

I was in a state of confusion for a week  and did not put the claim in until Aug 10,2015 to my insurance carrier. They said my car was drive-able with the spare doughnut that was put on by AAA . The date for the adjuster was Aug 18,2015.

Aug 9,2015 –The glass broke on my cell phone while waking on the drive way at my retreat .  I was watching my neighbor haying my fields IMG_4127IMG_4109

Aug 11,2015  in the heavy rain, I picked up two religious Jewish boys hitchhiking on 17B in White Lake NY .I was on my way to Middle Town NY to the Verizon Corporate Store to purchase a new cell phone . The Hasidim Jewish Boys needed a miracle to get to Monroe NY to pray at a cemetery FOR THE FAMOUS RABBI THAT DIED A FEW YEARS AGO THAT DAY .

I was not aware that Monroe NY was much further south of my destination Middleton NY . It was my Blessing to drive them all the way . I listened to the boys allowing me to understand their Jewish beliefs . They said they would pray for all good fortune to come my way at the Rabbi’s grave site.

I did make it safely home to my Damascus retreat in PA after purchasing my new cell phone in Middle-town NY.

Aug 15,2015- On the way to the  garbage dump ,the  doughnut spare tire blew out in front of a ministers home.  The minister served me a cup of tea calming my nerves from falling down another rabbit hole .   My car was  towed to the Collision place 20 miles away . The minister took me in his car there and back safely to my Damascus Retreat . We spoke of having faith in the Divine and paying it forward with our gifts of pure energy of listening & story telling.

Aug 16,2015  I called a friend to take me to a 200th year old open house reception at a neighbors resident’s. I listened and learned more than I spoke that day IMG_4157IMG_4159.

At 10:30 that evening a guest at my retreat arrived for a trade.  The trade was him  spending two nights at my retreat learning from me about energy flow and releasing toxins IMG_4162that were causing pain in his body. The toxins are a result of a unhealthy life style.

Tuesday Aug. 18,2015,he drove me to NYC.

I was able to have an opportunity to engage in conversation with my uncle,before my cousin would drive me to her home NYC. We were celebrating our cousins religious Jewish wedding on Aug 19,2015.

IMG_4231During the  wedding reception the flood gates of memories IMG_4196were opening at Marina Del Rey —

My oldest  cousin’s  wedding reception was held at Marina Del Rey 26 years ago . I stood at the marina seeing 26 years of flash backs with each glitter from my teary eyes .

The affair was of the highest quality. IMG_4202Since I was in the hospitality business for over two decades,I gave this event rave reviews.  It took a team of passionate employees to achieve this catering excellence.

My energy level was at top speed while dancing with the young women . I was told I danced as if I was in my 20’s . Then it was over,as all rides come to an end. It was my time to recover by sleeping peacefully at my cousins home.

Aug 20,2015

Shopping and at night another hosted family dinner at a kosher Chinese restaurant to listening to more speeches of family traditions. IMG_4251

21-22 the Sabbbos Shevea  Brachos .My heritage as a Jewish woman to celebrate.

Aug 22 after the Sabbath I was driven back to my cousin’s home.

The  next few weeks before Rosh Hashanah  begins,we are to ask all those we encounter for forgiveness. If in anyway we have mistreated or just hurt their feelings, we must ask for forgiveness.

The Fear of God is ingrained in all religious cultures.  We are judge by the divine for our merits and sins.

Aug 23,2015  my other cousin drove me back to Monticello NY and a friend picked me up from the bus stop and drove me home to my Damascus PA retreat .

There was still chaos of issues that kept me up from sleeping peacefully alone in my bed .

Finally after a glass of warm milk ,I just let it go and fell asleep until 8:30 am today.

Back to my reality .

Living alone is not lonely when you can clime out of the rabbit hole by feeling you have a  productive life with friends that respect and trust your integrity.     Rachid & Grandma Michele at Vino's Bar in Boca Raton on Thursday

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Am I the puppet or the puppeteer?

Dear Souls Aug 12,2015

Am I the puppet or the puppeteer ?

I am both . conception-to-birth-prolog2IMG_0839It is what gives me strength to be comfortable within my skin. It is my power to create or to destroy what is not in my best interest to thrive on Planet Earth in this third dimensional reality show.  I live both out of a box and in a box according to my awareness. I attract and detract from what matters to me .

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