“Look Around You and what do you see? “

Dear Souls Feb20,2015

Look around you and what do you see ? Take a deep breath now let it out, let go of attachments and evolve. You will be creating the best in yourself. You are in your Universe and so are all the others you meet in their Universe . You are on your time line and so are all the other on their time line . Think of a spider web that you weave to catch what ever you need to consume . Our instinct to consume the life energy of others so we reproduce replicas of ourselves is our individual universal survival.

Too much drama for me lately, draining my life energy. I stayed home tonight to clear the fog clouding my perception of what is real and what is my imagination.

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“Someone Special was introduced today to me “

IMG_2854IMG_2812Dear Souls Feb 18,2015

Someone Special was introduced today to me . It was Me when I looked in the mirror. I saw the reflection of the Devine Me that was very powerful with self love .

I have a dear girlfriend that challenged  me to my beliefs. I stopped the duel fighting of texting back and forth for it did not serve any good for our friendship . I just said for now go your way with your beliefs that are serving you and I will go my way for my beliefs that are serving me . I have learned not to be the judge for anyone except myself and it feels freeing .

A male friend  of mine sent me a message to watch a you tube one hour video today titled A Message to all Lightworkers – Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com       on my Face Book Message and he posted the link on FB for all his Followers to watch . I watched it and it was a mirror of my thoughts. I focused on the images behind Matt Kahn that were shadows of shapes that took various forms I could identify with my sensitive minds third eye. First I started to past judgment on my visual perception ,then I realized as the dialog went on I was seeing myself in the shadows. It was an awaking for me to learn that I am blessed every moment with connections that are enhancing me to enjoy each stage I love playing on and my audience is all universes created in my mind.

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“It’s Magic”

Dear Souls Feb 15.2015

It’s Magic the world I created with the tools I use from my DNA .

Yesterday I wore Red from head to toe, that was magical for me to connect to other magical people similar to me .

Magical people live in the world of creativity  inspiring themselves as they inspire others to be the best with their precious gift of “Love ” Not fatal attraction that obliterates  “Love “.

I was shopping in Fresh Fields and met Salvatore Principe Visit his website http://www.Salvatore.principe.com . He was Magical . He was signing his name and painting a red heart on his wine bottles filled with the grapes of love .It is his  wine business. We shared some conversation as he was selling. He was a younger reflection of me as an entrepreneur.   By Viewing his website,you will be able to see his genius.

I felt like cupid and I did act on it for him with someone else I know . You can meet your soul mate by being open to introduction.

Everyone has a past that has led them down some very turbulent storms. It is how one uses their own life lessens to help them in the now to achieve wisdom ,balance and Love while still breathing.

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“Respecting your own craft as much as you respect the craft of those you encounter.

IMG_2437Dear Souls Feb.7,2015

Some people would call my craft Witch Craft . People that call my craft intuitive life coaching ,intuitive energy healing have been effected with my “Light” Inspiration. It is always about them and their perception of me ,my voice ,my appearance, my vibration having the ability to connect or disconnect according to my beliefs.

Yesterday I went to an Event  “Reel Reflections – Capture your Story on Video at Lynn Cancer Institute Boca Raton ,FL 1pm-230pm


There was a full page add in the Sun Sentinel — Forever Studios was presenting this free workshop at the Hospital.

The reason I went to this free workshop was to see their professional presentation.

It was excellent to inspire their audience in doing something to preserve their personality for others .

My professional legacy video of me is almost completed by Bob Troy a producer/videographer/editor . visit btcottagevideo.com to see the Media Memories LLC he has completed for others like you and me .

Bob Troy spent enormous amounts of creative energy doing my Legacy video for my website http://www.allaboutmytimenow.com. Bob Troy will use Grandma Michele’s Legacy  on his website www.btcottagevideo.com . It will also be on my youtubegrandmamichele1117  account to inspire others that dreams do come true.

At the end of the event,all where asked to speak – why they were there and what value did they get from the presentation. There were about 30 people in the room . As each one of them spoke, they added validation of doing one . In the back of the room was a old man that had a stroke. He spoke the best he could and said ” You only showed the positive in the legacy videos ,What about those of us that had to deal with drug addicted children and death from suicide. He was very angry at what life had given him.

There are a few different ways to use a video of your story to help yourself, inspire others .clearing  toxic relationships .

I use a video camera with some of my clients that need help with their depression. They see and hear themselves answer the questions I ask them, they see from a observation perceptive.  It spontaneously  relieves some of the blocks they built around their core.

My own journaling  has cleared my brain fog of the deception I created for myself by myself .

After the event I went on a blind date with a man. Never met him . Only spoke to him the night before when he called me . He sounded respectful, kind and worthy of my time for a date.

We spent 4 hours 4:30-8:30 getting to know each other. I did enjoy listening to all his stories. The date ended because he was tired. He used to much of his good energy telling me what he would tell his therapist.

When he left ,I went to dance at Boca Blue Martini .

I sat in a corner until a young girl about 21 came and asked me to dance with her. She was very drunk and so was most of the people there . It was not making me happy anymore so I left and went to Seasons 52 to just listen to some music by the bar . Did not stay long there and came home to the comfort of my moms home.

This morning my mom was lucky that my brothers quick reaction to her fainting stopped her fall to the hard floor. My brother cracked his knuckle in his hand . He could handle the pain . Mom could not handle any broken bones anymore.

My day was spent being home with them ,  grateful enjoying the love we HAVE AS FAMILY .INSPIATIONAL

To many are running in circles and do fall down. Pick yourself up and view the best in yourself .

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“Full Recovery”

Dear Souls 2/5,2015

Last night I surrender to my dream adventure .

This is what I remembered when I woke up this morning :

It was just before dawn and I was lying in bed a sleep but feeling like I was awake . I spoke to myself in the dream that I was willing to surrender to where it would take me . I felt a hand on my hand holing it gently . It did not scare me because I have had dreams like this one that felt as real as you and I living in the third dimension . Being aware that I am working on my fiction book of the future ,I let go of fear and looked over to see who was holding my hand. It was a girl child and in front of me was a tunnel we were moving through at a very rapid rate . Both sides of the tunnel was my life frames flashing by . I was breathing and new I had just entered the fourth dimension. It is part of the mind and all that it has  absorbed in this life time mixed in a pool of color and sounds waves on a frequency I am not able to decode yet. After the calm travel with this child, I was led by a energy of sexual intent to invade me. This was extremely uncomfortable and I was area to take control and let this entity of my dream to leave my core of essences. Waking up to end the dream  bringing  me back to the third dimension felt comforting to me and my abilities to help others cut cords of what is no longer beneficial to their wellbeing.

If something goes wrong ,people look for a scape goat. They don’t blame their poor choices . When we clear ourselves of issues from our past, we make the first brick to a solid foundation to enjoy abundance of happiness.

My fiction book is about the robots humans are and controlled by invisible cords to the future where they are controlled by a computer that was once man made and now lives on in infinity controlling all that is manifested by the robotic humans that keep on evolving.

It is  just my imagination that keeps me happy . I am one of the lucky ones that does not need any medication to stay healthy . I just live an uncommon life doing what I love —“Write “My full Recovery ” from a broken heart .


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” Naïve”

Dear Souls  Feb.2,2015

Yesterday I listened to my friend tell me that I am very Naïve.

This was why:

I told her of the numerous dates since my divorce 5 1/2 years ago.

They end after one or two dates by one of us. We say the same thing. You are very nice but not what I am searching to fulfill my desires.  All the dates were fun for me. All the men would have continued dating me if I would have had sex by the second date. As soon as I told them they would have to spend time with me to be fall emotionally in love with me, they let me go.

I told  my friend of a man I met last week at NY Prime. This very handsome well dressed 66 year old  retired Federal NY Judge invited me to dine with him that evening.

We left NY Prime because it was too noisy to dine there. He drove his new white Mercedes with me playing the role of  Cleopatra by his side. He poured on his Italian charm by telling me he owned his own hedge fund and was worth millions. He talked about his 92 foot yacht in FT Lauderdale docked by  his penthouse. I was not impressed with the name dropping. He told me his wife died two years ago of pancreatic cancer and he had no children. He said in the past two years all his relationships were with  crazy women. A smooth talker at first. He asked me when I would be available  to go out on a date.  I said” Friday ” I already had a date for Thursday .

He said he would call me in the morning to confirm our Friday night date . He never called me.

Not trust worthy. Great entertainment when it happens again. Federal Judge ? Don’t think so . Flowing with abundance of money ? All Show for the image . Similar story’s  to see how sympathetic to his lose of true love to death.

All that matters was I enjoyed the role I played as Cleopatra and he enjoyed playing Cesar .

It matters more to my girlfriend that I was played with by Caser the imposter.

My girlfriend told me I deserve the real Cesar with measurable wealth bestowed on me.

My last husband of 30 years was a real Cesar and I was his Queen .All fairytales end  so new ones can begin.

I am grateful I get  to play all roles with all the Kings that come into my life.

Thursday night I enjoyed another first dinner date with a 71 year old  handsome man at Meatballs . After Dinner,we continued our conversation on a coach outside by the fire pit. A group of intoxicated men golfers came and sat down adding a lot of spontaneous golf conversation. My date was annoyed and said good night to me. I stayed and enjoyed the up beat funny dialog with the  7 men and one woman. 6 of the seven men were married . The woman was with her husband . I knew her and her husband but the other men were strangers . Everyone was playing a different role to impress me and each other. To add color to the black and white affair, I went to the trunk of my car, bringing my hand puppets to the sizzling affair. The energy of the fire Hot , just like all of us feasting on each other’s stories.   I gave out my business cards to the men and told them to show it to their wives. The part of mistress or Cleopatra was not written for my role play with them. I was just having  the time of my life as an entertainer and gathering more material for the fiction book I am now writing.

The next day I called to thank him for that date. I also said “You want to find someone that will sexually play with you and I am looking for my next husband . Polar opposites last night. I said ”  if you have any friends that are interested in my desires ,please introduce me .   When I come in contact with a beautiful intelligent woman that just wants to play, I will introduce her to you. He thanked me as we let go of expectations.

Back to the drawing board for me. Back to just being grateful for every date to enjoy conversation.


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Jan 30,2015

Dear Souls

How do you measure “Success” ? For me Success is being comfortable in my own creation of me . Me IS A PERSONALITY WITH EMOTIONS .” Watch your thoughts ,for they become words. Watch your words ,for they become actions. Watch your actions , for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character ,for it becomes your destiny.” quote by anna@successlifecoaching.com always give the credits to those that you learned from .

My belief in a  power  that creation manifested from gives me test continuously. These test are obstacle’s in my path for me to jump over ,walk around them or turn back and go in another direction to achieve success.  Being comfortable in my own skin .

For the last few weeks I have been working on a professional legacy video tape of me .By gathering all the information and viewing my dialog as I narrate my legacy ,I find success with the value I have added to those that I have shared my memories with . At first it WAS CATARTIC . Then I let those stories go and the legacy became inspirational to me and made me very happy with the life I have lead . My generation is going through  many transformation and needs help to be successful with love and relationships .

I meet men that are boys and just need toys to stimulate their emotions. They don’t know what Love is . They do know what Lust is . Most are not honest and not respectful because of unfiled desires. It is comfortable for me to just enjoy the encounter for what ever time I have being in the company of the men I date.



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