“Letting your higherself desend into your body ”

Dear Souls Sept 23,2014
Think about if this was true. You are a 60 watt light bulb now and your higher self is a 250 watt light bulb beaming it’s energy into the top of your head directing it’s enormous energy through your body to become you . You would explode because your body is not equipped to take that amount of energy with one transfusion . It takes life times of the soul that is in a body to keep transcending to meet it’s higher self that is transcending down into the body.
When I felt the 250 watt light bulb energy in my head and body parts at the age of 60, I was frightened. The fear caused my disorder. The spiral down was very fast with my love ones un able to help me. It was me that awoke and was open to a new way of thinking that allowed my mind to absorb the ability to handle the constant energy of my higher self descending into my existing body now age 67.
It takes time to know you are blessed and can do what it takes to create greatness in the world we are blessed to live in . I am no different than you who are reading my stories. We are one and we all come from the same source. My life is amazing because I feel energy flowing through me and around me . It is my great comfort of being grateful I am alive and breathing .
My New Year starts tomorrow night . My Holliday being Jewish. My divinity my DNA, My culture is just the form my lower self exists in . My higher self allows me to remember I have been everything and every form created by all our manifestations. My higher self is consciousness in the form of energy that I communicate with.

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“Just listen to the music in your head”

Dear Souls Sept 21,2014
Just listen to the music in your head and feel the love the universe is sending you and the Love you are sending out in the universe for all man kind .
I could write all the pitiful dramas that happened in my life and send it out to the Universe then thank the Devine for my ability to filter through what I did not need to use to transcend to the next level of my existence in the human form I am in now .
It is an illusion of the world we created to make more obstacles for us to jump over. We created a world to have a problems so we could show our ego how we solved the problems. Simple isn’t it if you cut through the drama .I do have to admit a like the drama at times because it makes me feel like a star . A celebrity keeping my name on the tongs of many. It does not matter what they say about me . All that matters is that my name is spread and there is some form of notoriety. I know that is just my ego. Self proclamation to satisfy my self indulgence of fame. From Fame arises fortune. Financial power and the ultimate game is the power to control . The reality is the only one we control is ourselves. To all my followers just let go of trying to control and site back and enjoy the ride .It is much easier to be chauffeured around than taking the wheel .

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“Trusting Souls ”

Dear Souls Sept 17,2014
On Sept 16, 2014 there was a miss call on my cell phone from Rockford Ill . I called it back thinking it was a family member needing to speck to me.
I heard a man’s voice. I asked “What is your name ? the muffled voice said “Chris from Jeffersonville then hung up”. I was very concerned because I had given my business cards to a few strangers that were walking with me this past Sunday Sept 14,2014 for the out of Darkness Community walk in Kauneonga Lake near Jeffersonville. I called back and left a message on his voice mail saying “your life is of value and to call 911 for help”.
A few hours passed and a new message on my voice mail from the same Rockford Ill cell number asking me to please call back identifying by SAYING my name is Charley Mooney.
When I called back, Charley told me his pitiful story. He said” I am a Diabetic my leg was amputated A WHILE ago. My Brother just died recently.
Charley sounded like a Southern or med Westerner Bible School Boy with the words he spoke of God and his glory.
Being a “Trusting Soul”. My first response was pity and how lucky I am to have two feet to dance and run around . How could I help this lost Soul?
I detached from his story and pretended I was Jesus and saw no sickness . He was fine just the way he created his story life and all I needed to do was to Share some of the stories on my blog with Charley so I said ” Just read grandmamichele.com and know you are blessed. In my mind that would be what Jesus would say and do.
He said” I can not write the website down now but I will have my nurse call you when she comes here at 530 PM and take the information for me “.
The nurse never called me back so I new that Charley Moony created his pitiful character to scam.
I am Jewish and believe in the teachings of Jesus the Jew . I use the wisdom from a frequency I have the ability to connect to for my intuitive ability to be a “Trusting Soul’
There are those that look up websites and blogs to find the personalities to pray on for their survival of disorder.

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“Grateful for today ”

Dear Souls Sept 9,2014
I am grateful for the day I had.
My day started with David fixing my P&M alarm system, new fire alarms plus reconnecting my emergency safety wireless key I am wearing around my neck incase I cannot get up . I do climb stairs and go on ladders to fix things around my home and can fall and not get to a phone for help. I also am getting a alarm detection installed for any gas leeks that might accrue. My life is worth the money I pay for my protection. I know first hand many people that took short cuts for their safety and the safety of others that are now dead.
My neighbor David brought me 4 more boxes of stuff for me to sell at my next garage sale . My Coffee maker broke a few days ago and I was planning on buying a new one tomorrow . David had a coffee maker in one of the boxes he left me for the garage sale. I was so grateful for the coffee maker and some other things useful to me now in the boxes he gave me.
My toilet got fixed with my new plumber I started to recommend to friends. His name is Kevin Costello 570-2244107 .
The rest of my day was spent on feeling grateful for me allowing myself the wisdom to know that my energy can transform my circuits of vibration to create everything I feel is comfortable for me. I pray for all humanity to be grateful for the sun to shine and for the moon to come out at night so our world will continue and all will be comfortable.

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“You have to genuinely feel it to actually own it ”

Dear Souls Sept 5,2014
” You have to genuinely feel it to actually own it. What is “It”? It is what ever you need it to be for you.
For me “It is the feeling of love . Being in love with myself and able to give off my loving energy to those in need of “Love ”

The Now ,each moment of my existence is what matters to me.
My friends that love me for me matter to me . My relationships with men that respect my boundaries matter to me.
The Photo my friend Gregory and I at the Glass Wine ,Bar, Kitchen at http://www.ledgeshotel.com with the waterfalls behind us matters to me .
You can feel that I genuinely feel the love that flows through me and pours onto others that come near me .Gregory and I had dinner over looking the Lake at Sunset on the outside deck of Earhart’s Restaurant Sept 5,2014

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My Garage Sale

Aug. 30,2014
Dear Souls
The second day of my garage sale at my retreat 349 Steiner Rd Damascus P.A.
My garage sale is an amazing gift of meeting strangers and listening to their energy field they come with .
I will share some stories from the Garage sale :
One woman filled with frustration barreled up my long driveway and got out of her car huffing and puffing like a human chained to the energy of frustration because she was running out of Gas. She took the long way to get to my home and she is taking the long way to learn how to thrive . She has great intentions and is very gifted. I felt sorry for her but understood her free will to carry her load of bricks in this incarnation. I thanked the Devine that sent her to me to learn more about me through her reflection.
It was about love flowing back and forth in waves from my son to me and from me to my son.
I called my son to tell him that I loved him and let him know he is blessed with great gifts of kindness to help himself solve all his own issues . I explained the anger of frustration that this woman was creating. I explained the anger and frustration that I created for me the day before. Her heart wall was blocked by many layers of thinking she needs to control others. My heart wall was blocked as well. She lost control of herself being unbalanced. I lost control of myself as well for many moments in time. My son knew this woman and the energy surrounding her. This woman was a reflection of me when I felt the need to change anything about anyone else. The only one I can change is myself if I feel what I am presently doing is not serving me for my highest good.
A woman with her grandchild came to buy some useful things. There was a beautiful energy flowing between them that I observed . It was not physical .It was just Love energy with creative abilities I digested after they left.
5 more strangers came the first day . Some just looked and a few bought some stuff they needed. I got what I needed just by listening to their stories and validating their values.
After 5 pm on the first day a woman and her 11 year old son came to my front door and said they were sorry to find out the garage sale was over at 4 pm . I said it is a blessing you showed up with your son and I welcomed them into my home to see the world I created . The reason I responded this way is that I knew this woman . She had worked for me as a waitress the last year of Michele’s Restaurant in Callicoon NY. She was valuable to me then and She is still valuable to me now in a different way of sharing great gifts of love. It was the valuable information I gave her about her current job that was important. The 14$ she spent on some stuff was a bonus.
The second day of the garage sale . A few more people stopped by that were very peaceful . One sale $2 for a cloth from my grandmothers home . Another sale a basket 10$ while the Morse code continuously beeping from my P&N Alarm system set the stage of the invisible Spirits flowing in and out of my sanctuary.
Earlier in the morning I was driving down river road in Damascus PA and saw a man walking his dog . I stopped my car and rolled down the window and told him he was a beautiful site to see — The love flowing between him and his dog . I told him of my garage sale and to stop by if he found time . He did stop by with his dog to share a special gift he carried on his back.
He unloaded the gifts of bricks and I sent the energy back to its source –the Divine. His story is private. The silence now is knowing it is all about me and feeling serenity from the energy of my property 55 acres ,3 ponds, gifted to me to just enjoy these moments of bliss. My happiness is me in my photos of the character I created from my imagination that loves life and those that share my passion of love . My dance

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Welcome to an easier way to get what you need

Dear Souls Sept 2,2014

My energy from I incurred from frustration. I had no control over a business contract not completed by the time I wrote in the contract.
My immediate need to release the energy of frustration ,anger and pain in my body was to shift my energy and release the toxic energy by breathing to connect to my higher self. I asked for guidance and the answer came immediately watching the carpet in my glass room breath with me. I was seeing the waves of the carpet moving as a wave from a current of energy . My energy field was now connected to my heart and I could think clearly.
It was easy because the frustration was gone . The anger was gone . The pain of not being satisfied for the competition of a contract was gone.
I will continue be sending love to those that frustrated me knowing my love energy will help them with their life contract they choice from their free will.
My Blessing for myself is the ability (Power} to Send Love and watch Love take another form and come to me with my great private practice Of energy healing and intuitive life coaching.
http://www.allaboutmytimenow.com read the service page and contact me so I can teach you how to engage your own energy shift.

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