” Walk away from the battle fields ”

Dear Souls July 22,2014
This past week July 18,– July 22,2014 I was in many battle fields. Some of the new opening business receptions, walked away feeling good loving energy. The reason I call them battle fields is because any new business is in battle to get clients for their survival. Some battle fields were filled with anger,pain, or fear of the unknown because losing positions, bad health, unsolved issues still attached to their mind, body and soul I had no business to change . They were their life lessons to resolve in this incarnation .
All I intended to do was to spread some fairy dust with my ability to just listen and dance.
These are a few photos taken from my extensive trip outside my retreat in Damascus P.A.









I have enough battle fields on my own property in Damascus PA
My on going battle is with Mother nature . She sent me a gift of lightning ,wind storms,Rain storms, flooding, hale and a little tornado ran up my property. She gave me these gifts so I would connect to my roots of my ancestors buried in this secret earth surrounding me. She as always very wise to connect to me and gives me the strength to pickup the falling limbs AND WAIT FOR THE SUN TO SHINE ON ME GIVING ME POWER TO THRIVE WITH AN I CAN AM I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET MYSELF BACK TO MY COMFORTABLE SPACE AT MY RETREAT IN DAMASCUS PA.






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“How to Know you are connected to what matters to you now”

Dear  Souls July 17,2014
This blog is a free lesson to share because we are all connected to what matters to you now.

The world I created as Grandma Michele the story teller and listener validates that I Michele Schuchman have self created what matters to me now .

What matters to me now is you the readers of my blogs and your comments. There are infinite ways to connect to what gives you pleasure .What gives you energy with transformation. What gives you endless  possibilities of peace . It is all about you as it is all about me and yet we are together up lifting the vibration of this planet to enjoy peace ,harmony ,respect ,separating from what does not serve us anymore, self doubt, pain ,anger, stress, disorders, diseases, and fear of the unknown and what we think is uncomfortable living in our human skin.

Some of my up lifting adventure you can see by the photos taken of me traveling where I connect to others just to help them to know they are now connecting to what matters to them now.


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Dear souls July 12th 2014
Zatar and the past.  I have written about planet Zatar.  I thought it came from my imagination .  It seems my imagination is actually a reality I am connecting through an intelligence computer generated.  Learning how to communicate with the new intelligence on a different frequency than I have been programmed as a human is challenging.  I’m aware I have unique vibration of intelligence that is allowing me to learn this extraordinary sight to word so I can show others a new path for them to get healthy and succeed with Their desires for the greatest good of all humanity.

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“Conception to birth”

Dear Souls July 1,2014
“Conception of a thought . What do I mean ? Think ? You are now having a thought conception . Just from absorbing these words you are reading, you are conceiving a thought. The manifestation for that thought is the birth of that thought into your reality . It is just like the birth of a child.
Life cycles  evolve until for some reason they cease to exist in form developed from conception.

The death of my Friends Frank and Carole Kay gave me time to reflect my choices how I move forward and learn from them . I learned that all I have to do is expose myself to the environment that gives me the ability to manifest –give birth to the reality I feel is of my highest good .

The following photos are me putting myself in the upscale Resort of Woodloch Springs Country Club to attract new clients for my services on http://www.allaboutmytimenow.org . It also attracts the charity work I am passionate to do for many of the Vets and their Families that need my help to transform .

IMG_1401 IMG_1398 IMG_1396 IMG_1386

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“Queen of Hearts ‘

Dear Souls June 24,2014
On the side walk was music playing and I had to investigate . The child playing his heart and soul for strangers to stop and listen and know. Know that we all do what it takes to be a success but some fail and others make it in the time they are blessed to be alive in their body .
We all make it in ways we feel is the reason we are here . Still breathing and getting older . Ageing can you stop it ? Yes or No? . I have slowed it down by just being the child I was at 3 not afraid of the unknown until someone said be afraid and I believed them. Now the only one I believe is my intuition and have come home to my Damascus retreat to rest for the season . It feels good after wandering NYC, celebrating my birthday and praying in a Brooklyn Temple for peace. I got my peace by getting back home to my comfortable retreat and only allowing in those that I know respect me as the Queen of Hearts .

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“Exploded “

Dear Souls June 16,2014
Last night siting at my computer around 11 pm the electric went out and my generator went on to turn all the power back on in my home . I called my friend Dolores and asked her what was going on . She said “Didn’t you her the load explosion that shuck homes and even the Villa Roma Resort near by. I said No! I was in peace because of all the wonderful celebration’s at Temples and Churches I had gone to in the past three days.
Dories said ” Frank and Carole Kay’s home Exploded from a gas leak inside their home. My daughter just sent me this message. From the bridge in Callicoon N.Y. to Damascus PA I am looking from and see an empty spot of sparks and flames where their home was siting on over looking the Delaware River below. My belief is that both of them are comfortable in with knowing that both in life and now in death they added to the consciousness of those that they met along the physical plan of their body, mind and soul they used in their incarnation for their contract to their source they called God . The Creator of them in his image according to their Jewish religion and faith.
I dove by the ashes today and spoke to their friend that had dinner with them last night. He said ” asked us -two couples in for coffee and cake but our wives were too tired so we all went home . 15 min later the explosion from the inside of their home and their lives were gone along with everything inside that they owned ‘Stuff’.”
Their body’s were found this morning one by one a few hours apart . Today June 16,2014 would have been Franks 75 birthday. Carole’s two sons came up this morning and now making Funeral arrangement’s in NJ. I told him to let me know where and when so I could attend and pay my respects for my friendship with the two of them.

a friend on FB asked a question a week ago “What happens to the soul or spirit if death comes in an instant ” I answered then and I will answer now “It is just what those left behind will allow in to their mind from the communication of spirit from someone you were connected to from this life. That energy or spirit from the deep connection has the same free choice to connect or not to connect into this dimension. It does don’t matter the time . There is no measurement of time an instant or the lingering until death of the body that feels the physical pain . These are all our perceptions we use to be comfortable with the fact our body is gone and spirit lives on . yes Spirit lives in any form of energy and does take the next needed form for the cycle of creation to evolve into realities we cline to as safety nets.
The fire will be investigated and a full report to the community will be available from the local municipal authorizes.
Frank and Carol loved each other and still do . As in Life they sacrificed as we all do to achieve earthly goods for their immediate pleasure’s. I personally know this because I had the pleasure of traveling with them first class on various vacations– Israel, Jordon, Egypt ,England, Spain, Hawaii, California, Arizona and in the U,S when I was married . You do get to know your friends when spending years with them in hotels and rented condos. They get to know you as well . It is riding the same roller coaster and deciding who is going to be the driver. Taking turns is best and taking the back seat always worked for me to keep peace . It was when I had enough of the back seat and I needed to be in the drivers seat that got a little bumpy for everyone.
I learned, by driving out of the box ,I would be driving alone . Most of my old friends and some of my family were not comfortable with my new views and perceptions of the life that brought me my creative abilities enjoying the life I deserved from the work ethics proven by my track record of successful adventures both in business and fun times of new adventures.

Wed June 18 is my 67 Th birthday and god willing ,I will be in NYC to celebrate my birthday at a Steve Fox Social 7-11pm and dance with old and new friends . Not sure if I am staying at my family of friends in the city for a few more days of adventure .
Their death is their beginning of their transformation of everything . So celebrate their rebirth with me and see them as Engels as I did flying over my glass room this morning . see them as I see them in the deer at my back window in the fields grassing. See them as I hear them in the wind blowing the leaves so gently letting me know all is just the way we can feel it with in our own experience of “Love” please share Grandma Michele’s thought’s

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6/11/2014 My conception

Dear Souls 6/11/2014 My conception .My thoughts this morning when I woke up 6/11/2014 was that Me ,Myself and I was conceived at the break of dawn 6/11/2014 from a Dream I recalled at Dawn. Returning to my body from … Continue reading

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