My Garage Sale

Aug. 30,2014
Dear Souls
The second day of my garage sale at my retreat 349 Steiner Rd Damascus P.A.
My garage sale is an amazing gift of meeting strangers and listening to their energy field they come with .
I will share some stories from the Garage sale :
One woman filled with frustration barreled up my long driveway and got out of her car huffing and puffing like a human chained to the energy of frustration because she was running out of Gas. She took the long way to get to my home and she is taking the long way to learn how to thrive . She has great intentions and is very gifted. I felt sorry for her but understood her free will to carry her load of bricks in this incarnation. I thanked the Devine that sent her to me to learn more about me through her reflection.
It was about love flowing back and forth in waves from my son to me and from me to my son.
I called my son to tell him that I loved him and let him know he is blessed with great gifts of kindness to help himself solve all his own issues . I explained the anger of frustration that this woman was creating. I explained the anger and frustration that I created for me the day before. Her heart wall was blocked by many layers of thinking she needs to control others. My heart wall was blocked as well. She lost control of herself being unbalanced. I lost control of myself as well for many moments in time. My son knew this woman and the energy surrounding her. This woman was a reflection of me when I felt the need to change anything about anyone else. The only one I can change is myself if I feel what I am presently doing is not serving me for my highest good.
A woman with her grandchild came to buy some useful things. There was a beautiful energy flowing between them that I observed . It was not physical .It was just Love energy with creative abilities I digested after they left.
5 more strangers came the first day . Some just looked and a few bought some stuff they needed. I got what I needed just by listening to their stories and validating their values.
After 5 pm on the first day a woman and her 11 year old son came to my front door and said they were sorry to find out the garage sale was over at 4 pm . I said it is a blessing you showed up with your son and I welcomed them into my home to see the world I created . The reason I responded this way is that I knew this woman . She had worked for me as a waitress the last year of Michele’s Restaurant in Callicoon NY. She was valuable to me then and She is still valuable to me now in a different way of sharing great gifts of love. It was the valuable information I gave her about her current job that was important. The 14$ she spent on some stuff was a bonus.
The second day of the garage sale . A few more people stopped by that were very peaceful . One sale $2 for a cloth from my grandmothers home . Another sale a basket 10$ while the Morse code continuously beeping from my P&N Alarm system set the stage of the invisible Spirits flowing in and out of my sanctuary.
Earlier in the morning I was driving down river road in Damascus PA and saw a man walking his dog . I stopped my car and rolled down the window and told him he was a beautiful site to see — The love flowing between him and his dog . I told him of my garage sale and to stop by if he found time . He did stop by with his dog to share a special gift he carried on his back.
He unloaded the gifts of bricks and I sent the energy back to its source –the Divine. His story is private. The silence now is knowing it is all about me and feeling serenity from the energy of my property 55 acres ,3 ponds, gifted to me to just enjoy these moments of bliss. My happiness is me in my photos of the character I created from my imagination that loves life and those that share my passion of love . My dance

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Welcome to an easier way to get what you need

Dear Souls Aug 26,2014

Welcome to an easier way to get what I needed to come my way today for feeling blessed .

I shifted my energy this morning from frustration of workmen that had promised me that they would complete the work on my home this past Monday but still have not showed up . I paid them in full a week ago even though they did not complete the contracted repairs on my home . I did that because they were desperate with their own personal bills and I felt sorry for them . My mistake or what I needed to learn ? I have know these workmen for at lease 25 years and watched them grow up. They took advantage of the friendship similar to what families do to each other by taking on more responsibilities then they can take care of with quality time.

To Shift my energy,I stated breathing and connected to the ground and my higher self. I asked for guidance and the answer came immediately watching the carpet in my glass room breath with me. I was seeing the waves of the flooring moving as a wave of water from a current of energy . My energy field was now connected to my heart and I could think clearly what to do next.
It was easy because the frustration was gone . The anger was gone . The pain of the workmen I love was gone . They will never work for me again . I will always be their friend and love them but never recommend them or do business with them. I will do the completion of the work by hiring someone else and not pay until completion of the contracted job.
There are many good people I now know that will do a great job for me that are reliable . Just now on my computer and E-mail of someone reliable just showed up . That is why I have my great private practice Of energy healing and intuitive life coaching. read the service page and contact me so I can teach you how to engage your own energy shift.

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“Blessed Day”

Dear Souls Aug 24,2014
It is all about the energy flow from yourself and out to the universe and back to you giving you the ability to live or die.
I am lucky to feel energy within my cells and around me . I am lucky to see energy in motion with the way light reflects on everything I observe.
When I was at my Cousins wedding this past Thursday in Brooklyn, I showed a woman therapist how to see energy by just staring at the crystal chandelier. It was easy for her to see the vibration of energy with the particles of dust reflecting light around the crystal chandelier . I asked her to look at my eyes and see the energy coming from my eyes as sparkling energy. She was able to see it and I was happy I showed her a new way to look and observe for herself awareness. It was a blessed day the day and night of my cousins wedding . I got to observe my families growth of transformation . The many metamorphoses from my family of butterflies have spread their Devine seeds and multiplied giving new life to the world I call Earth . Each of them in their own hemisphere adding to the highest good to all they choice to allow into their worlds are their Blessings of having blessed Days.
When death comes ,there is rebirth life . It is the cycle of energy continuously recreating itself in an other form.
I spent yesterday and today organizing all the stuff I am selling at my 4 day garage sale . It felt good to see the beautiful cloths I enjoyed buying ,wearing hanging on hangers again and waiting for a new owner to own them . There is so much great energy in all my stuff to be sold for 1$ and up . It makes me happy to let it all go and clear my shelves making room for what else needs to be placed there . It makes my life feel free from things I no longer need. I am happier to get by with less stuff . Less dusting to do to keep things clean and neat. Less laundry to wash and put away. More time for me to spend on nothing and that feels good for me . s

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Cant excess my e-mail on my computor

Dear Souls
Aug. 18,2014
I can not excess my e[mails on my computer. No a problem for me . All it is ,is a gift to know to look at the situation and learn something beneficial to my ascending. Every story you create is a manifestation of the energy you give out. The universe is not interested in your story as you see it to be valuable to you . All the universe is aware of is your energy and the vibration level you connect to .
Earlier today non dramatics way I was overwhelmed with a mistake I had down and sent a lot of energy out to compensate for my poor choices . The universe reacted in its own clarity by creating situations for me to learn with .I did learn very fast so I would feel confident again with my on going choices . The particulars are not the issues . It is beyond that to understand that this is only a process for me to keep ascending to have my metamorphosis and then to help others with their metamorphosis for the best we can do for all humanity. now time for me to dream of the world I am happy to be living in.

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“Gifted to you as well as gifted to me “

Dear Souls Aug 15,2014
Today I started a process I call ascending. To ascend to the next level for me I have to detach form stuff not useful for my up lifted journey .
First step for me — 4 day garage sale Aug 29,30,31,& Sept 1 2014 10 am – 4 pm
Location lower level to my retreat and in the 6 car garage .
Contents accumulation of stuff with energy from memories no longer needed for my ascension.
Don’t worry I am not selling the retreat or any part of this Devine property that has helped me to learn wisdom from the Devine and the ability to show others all their Devine endless possibilities of the highest good .
Price on stuff $1.00 and up . Most of the stuff you can name the price you are will to pay for the energy you will get buy owning my stuff . My Cadillac that has taken me from Arizona to Damascus PA and is in the last book I self-published is for sale . The lucky one that will own it next will enjoy the ride from the energy of here and now . My needs a new four wheel drive to weather all the new storms I will be driving while ascending .
Since I am human and not a God, I do not know when I will be at my final destination –Death of this body I call Grandma Michele the story teller and listener . I am grateful I wake up each morning and enjoy the gift of all the senses I am aware that I am using in this incarnation .
It was overwhelming at first to go to my attic and see all the costumes and stuff I bought myself and know It is time to sell it and let many strangers enjoy wearing my stuff and feeling my energy that goes with all that I valued and enjoyed .
What goes will go and what stays will go when I return in the spring and have more garage sales to empty most of my stuff . You may ask why. My answer is it makes me feel good to purge and watch the dove, deer, birds, wind, rain ,snow, of love sanctify the shell left allowing spiritual angelic energy to return to this property . New visitors will come baring their gifts of creative energy to help build up the foundation of all of us to ascend to each of our own destination of the unknown .
I will keep posting my updated material on the Garage sale . Hope to see you here

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“The universe knows what to send you”

Dear Souls Aug 13,2014
The universe knows what to send you when you do the work required for the gift you are asking for . Ask and you will receive.
I asked for love and I received it with guest that stayed at my retreat. I asked for love from someone very close to me but did not get it back in the time I was in need of that love . I looked into the heart and soul of that person and saw heat walls blocking that person from sending me back the love I needed. I then looked at my own heart wall and saw reflection of that block . It was just energy of emotions not cleared away . I did some work on my own clearing and cut those cords by just sending love to myself first and then to that other person .I did stop communication with that person and knew I had to let that person learn their own way in this life time for I am only my teacher not anyone else teacher . It was my ego that I had to let go of and go back to just enjoying the joy of those that have learned on their own how to just love the blessings of the present . Letting go of the past and not getting anxious for the future.

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“Clearing ”

Dear Souls July 26,2014
I set standards of what is acceptable and not acceptable with friendships, families ,business, and in any relationship. My energy used will always get the same valuable energy back. If there is an excuse why I am not receiving, I will then let go of that individual because they do not respect or value me. It is the world I created for my happiness.
This is an example of what I mean . My toilet in my bedroom broke yesterday . Last night I called a friend that said he does plumbing work, electrical, carpenter repairs to fix the toilet. He said he would call me by 2pm today and then come and fix or replace the toilet. He never called or came over . I went looking for him and left a message on his home phone. He never got back to me. I know this man for 24 years and call him a friend. No excuse for not communicating to me. Tomorrow I will find a reliable person to take care of my needs. I will still call this person a friend and know he is overloaded with his own drama. I was angry at myself and needed to vent so I called my son . My son told me that many people truly want to help and say they can do but are overloaded wanting to do for everyone else.
They mean well but can not even do for themselves.
I know this first hand . I did not go out tonight to dance because my plate was overloaded. I enjoyed my home cooking, glass of wine in the Jacuzzi to get back my depleted energy.

My son sent me some photos to show me the amount of energy he uses on his job building Cell towers . Bobby working at Scranton Airport July 10,2014
West Virginia July 24-27,2014 He is clearing the trees to put up the cell towers
photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 3photo 3

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