“Wake Me Up When It’s All Over”

Dear Souls
April 20,2014
“Wake me up when it’s all over” my favorite song for this moment in time.
The revolving glass door of faceless people that trusted me with their stories was overwhelming and had an impact on my reality of human emotions.
When I cleared the fog from my mind that got so cloudy from their stream of imperfections, I realized I was looking at reflections of my imperfections. It was a choice to remove myself from their world that was no longer serving my highest good. Seekers go on a mystical journey looking for what feeds their seed so that they can grow and speed their beliefs across un charted waters. They don’t enjoy the present and so they lose out on the beauty of the moment.
Through the forest as I forged on ,unaware I was just dreaming, I got to meet Angels that have falling to this Earth and share their experience of Knowing that “Love ” has a way to heal the pain from those that would try to take our power away from us.
This past week someone sent out e-mails to all my contacts asking them for money so I could not get home .
Most of my contacts knew it was a scam. Most that were concern were able to contact me by cell phone, face book and Link In.
The flood came and cleansed the virus that attacked the world I had created from Love.
I was safe in my Ark like Noah. See the movie like I did last week with my 90 year old Mom. Learn the message in the old testament Biblical Story Noah’s Ark. The fire would have destroyed all humans and the innocent would not have a chance to be renewed . The flood gave us a chance again to have a new experience and learn how to enjoy our differences .

These are the e-mails from an Angel I was blessed to meet 3 years ago in South FL
He was concerned for my safety.

jeezy louizy I was frettin’ that you were on your last leg :(
Glad you’re doin’ okay
Hope things are sunny in your neck of the woods <3
I'm out in Texas these days, amidst my first leg of acting classes
Things are flowing along splendidly
Blessings!jeezy louizy I was frettin' that you were on your last leg :(

Glad you're doin' okay

Hope things are sunny in your neck of the woods <3

I'm out in Texas these days, amidst my first leg of acting classes

Things are flowing along splendidly


My e-mail back Please tell me how I know you and when we met That will give my brain the focus to recall
response e-mail


I'm the long haired white boy you met one day in fort lauderdale, FL on the steps of

a starbucks bistro nearby the beach on sunrise boulevard, across from the Galleria,

outside the Kroger. I was skipping outside to meet a young hippy girl named Lola,

you gave me your card, and while we were talking, a man gravitated towards us

from across the street,hungry to see us and talking about our vibration, you warned

us against the potentials of others that would work to exploit us and the unknown

possibilities of the world after he walked away ;) I believe the entry you made in

your blog was about the "two angels" you met in Fort Lauderdale.

Blessings :

My response e-mail back The two of you are my angels that follow my story and that keeps me flying in a happiness . Stay in touch and let me know your success. Out of the darkness with being raped by hacking into my computer flew back your story to keep me moving forward and spreading peace. Love Grandma


I'm so glad that this atrocity ultimately wound up blooming an additional happiness in your garden of emotions <3 I will certainly inform you of any and all milestones that occur, I'm sorry you had to deal with getting screwed over by that computer horror :( I'm glad this communion bolstered your resolve for peace and harmony:May this day and the days to come be ever increasing in their happiness and encouragement for your heart to remain steadfast and triumphant
Love Long hair white boy

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“Saying My Goodbye’s to those that touched my Heart in South FL.”

Dear Souls
April 7,2014
Yesterday Sunday April 6,2014 I said my Goodbye’s to Arnold Abbott and the Homeless strangers I had met through his nonprofit “Love Thy neighbor that provides one hot meal everyday for them in FT Lauderdale. The hopeful souls waiting on the long line for their only hot meal of the day were presents from God to me. I thanked God for letting me share their story’s why they were living on the streets.
First story :
The old ,age 62,intelligent man “said there are circumstances that cause me to be here and I know I caused them. I know I have the power in my mind to move on if I am willing to change”
There were many there that did have mental issues and are not willing to admit them so that they could get help if the government would fund those programs. Unfortunately the majority in power were never homeless and have no clue that your soul feels like you are living in hell . Since I am a survivor of the NYC homeless culture for 2 months with my 5 year old son 1971,I know what it does to your self-esteem to find yourself at the bottom of a deep dark well without someone to throw you a rope for you to pull yourself up one hand at a time and see daylight again for a new way of life.
Today I embrace that experience of my will to have a new beginning. I am aware that my imagination manifested my invisible angel in my mind. Today I call that angel my higher self and use her to help me help others find their higher self. My higher self taught me how to climb the wall one brick at a time to get out of the well and learn not just to survive but thrive on all the blessings that come in my path everyday . We all have a higher self. Some of us call them Angels of relatives that have past over. It does not matter how you connect to your thought’s as long as you see progress. You just have to be silent to hear them through the clutter you stored with the stuff of attachments you thought you needed to live with to feel loved .
The homeless always appreciated every time I would come to the park or beach just to make them laugh with the way I am. My interactive upbeat personality of an entertainer .
Last month and yesterday I wore my Fairy Silk wings and danced for them.
If anyone of my follower’s feel the need to fill an empty hole in your bleeding heart, fill your emptiness by donating to “Lovethyneighbor.org Give a hand up-Not a hand out. Help Arnold Abbott the Founder and President,or join their volunteers in serving . I joined 4 years ago because I new it would help me fill the hole in my heart.
It has brought me more joy knowing I made a difference to someone that needed help to climb onto a brick to get out of their deep dark well.

If you took the walk with me yesterday First the homeless then ,strolling and dancing on River Walk Free Jazz Concert. Up and down Las Olas Blvd FT Lauderdale flying with my wings as the wind made them look like two sales blowing me onto an adventure of fun. I am blessed with a free spirit that puts value on others that are open to embrace new experiences by just listening to others.
Some high lights :
She met me a month ago and invited me to see the Art on exhibition because she was open to enjoying a stylish free spirit . Yesterday I enjoyed the warm welcome on the occasion of this special exhibition of “realism at it’s best” featuring the paintings of Alexei Butirskiy and Edward Gordon. The collection was places I had traveled around the world .Great memories from a life shared with my last husband of 30 years .
I embrace the gift I had on that ride and understood it was for my wellbeing to continue my journey as the butterfly and spreading all the seeds from all the flowers I had landed on. What happens to those seeds is not my business . I pray that those seeds do get nourished with love and their seeds continue a cycle to help the human race learn to enjoy their time here on earth .
FT Lauderdale Blue Martini glass of wine and a finger puppet show was my intent for a night of fun with Grace, Nicky and Phillip Salazar a sorcerer I met a month ago at Blue Martini.
I told all the people I met that day that they were my blessing from God I got for just being honest with my intentions . My truth is all I do for others is because it makes them feel good about themselves which makes me feel good about myself . That is how a storyteller and listener lives a balanced thriving healthy life as a human being .

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“Trading Places ”

Dear Soul April 3,2014
“Trading Places “
If we were able to trade places with someone that does not agree with our perspective, we would understand their point of view on that particular issue and be able to find an agreeable resolution to the situation we are looking at . We don’t trade places because most of us are hard wire to stay with what we stored in our memory banks for our survival. Me! Me! Me!
When we sift from self to a universal collective,
our vibration intensity creates “light” The energy sparks the fire within our soul to seek the meaning of life on earth.
For the past 4 years I have played the role I created of Grandma Michele “The story teller and listener”.
It has been my way to pay it forward and be kind to those in need. The character is just the manifestation from my intentions to serve a universal power while I am in this incarnation.

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“Mom is watching super soul Sunday . Own TV network ,Oprah Hosting ”

Dear Souls March 30,2014
My Mom is 90 and has limited ability for intelligent absorption. She is watching Oprah,hosting her TV Show called “Super Soul Sunday ” It is profound for me to watch her connect to the deep message’s and enjoying the view, rather than sleeping on her coach all afternoon which is her present comfort zone.
Maybe it was the energy of “Love”from my Brother and I gave her when we went shopping at BJ’s this morning.
We enjoyed conversation with her. What ever energy got into her mind is just a blessing for me to appreciate her kindness and remember all the hardships she endured for me and my brother to provide her best for our wellbeing. I am grateful for all the experience I am blessed with daily .
Every where I go I connect with a experience that is just a lesson for me to understand more about me . It does satisfy my daily needs for existence.

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“Just Believe”

Dear Souls March 24.2014
“Just Believe” You are wondering what does Grandma Michele mean when she uses the title “Just Believe ” Believe you have the power that you are creating the world your souls are destined to learn from in the body you presently live in. My belief is that all humans have many souls that take their turn living again to complete a mission in your body and you are just the host that is the observer to learn . You are not from this dimension or this galaxy. The conscious thoughts and dialog you have with self is just an awareness of communication to evolve the development of humanity
All I can do for you to “Just Believe ” is for you to read my blogs and ride my emotional roller coaster by seeing the photos and listening on you tube grandmamichele1117.
I am destined to learn while observing the souls from my parents DNA my body was formed from .My ancestor souls take their turn inhabiting my body in order for me to cut the invisible cords that are of no use to me as the observer.
I , is just self ,my consciousness that is communicating the soul that inhabits my body. There are many souls that will inhabit my body in this incarnation of me.
The I or self or me is just the observer and is learning as a trouper. The three of us march alone as invisible angels that nurture the existence of each of the souls.
This is a lot of deep information to digest so now I will just show you what I observed that happened to the new soul that entered my body this week. You can digest the healing you can do for yourself if “You just believe “
and share my story’s “If you just believe ”

Tuesday March 18,2014
9am My body is laying on a thin rubber mattress locked in with metal rails for my protection. The anesthesiologist leans over to me informing me that I will feel nothing and wake up a little drossy after the colonoscopy procedure is over. I have been given warm comforting blankets by over worked nurses. I was told this day was a great choice and less hectic because they only had 30 procedures, rather than their normal 60 procedures a day.

At the South Florida Gastroenterology out patient clinic, I was able to make the nurses laugh with my two favorite hand puppets ,Lamb Chop and Kermit the Frog telling them . Grandma Michele choice the date the 18 because she will die on the 18 some month but not this month on their shift . Lamb Chop said “you can view her eulogy on her video she did on her birthday a few years ago “.
The reason for this procedure was the bleeding from my butt hole . It was very extensive and I was not sure if it was lethal . My primary doctor was very concern for my wellbeing . His name is Doctor Stern . It is out of the norm to get a primary doctor that has to work within a medical plan, still keeping an upbeat attitude for his profession as a Doctor. I am one of the lucky ones . Why me ? You ask. I could make up infinite story’s to justify my blessings . The truth is I really don’t know. There are billions of souls that help others and I am just one of the pack. I will never know and honestly it doesn’t matter to me . I live a life out of the box and avoid the pity party like the plague.
I do believe in reincarnation and maybe I had leprosy and one of the souls that inhabited my body was that soul that had a life time of leprosy. I don’t know as I said before ,I could come up with my imagination infinite stories why my life took a round about detaching what was no longer productive for me and my belief of believing in me .
My brother drove me home and I sleep from 1pm-4pm . Reenergized, I called my new friend Bob Troy a Producer /Videography /Editor and asked him to take me out to dance at Sea gate Hotel — The Jelly Fish Lounge . The oldies but goodies music was the entertainment for the night. He said “do you think it is okay after the doctor cute off a polyp and did a biopsy on it.” I said “your driving and I will hold onto you while we are dancing”. I needed to dance and Bob was a professional dancer, actor a long time ago. I am dancing on wings when dancing with Bob because his late wife Angel’s energy is within his soul and helping him with his dance of life.
Bob’s late wife Angel died of a cancerous tumor behind her eye that spread throughout her body and caused her death 10 years ago. Before she died she wrote Angel Eye. Bob Troy self published Angel’s book so she could leave her legacy knowing the angels are always with us as long as “We just Believe ” .
I read his last copy of the book “Angel Eye” the day before my procedure while doing the prep and siting on the toilet bowl all day and half the night. It did make my prep bearable as an unforgettable toilet experience .My toilets have been my refuge most of my life . They have been my personal doctor’s office. A place for me to diagnose what is going on in my system that is causing dysfunction in my immune system.
Lucky me Bob wanted to go dancing with me that night . The biopsy came back clean . Great news for me and a relief from stressful thoughts that even I was putting in my mind and causing me more anxiety.

Wed 2pm my 90 year old mother was dancing a Latin upbeat dance with a 72 year old male friend of mine named Lee at Gold Coast Ballroom in Coconut Creek FL while I was videoing this miracle on my I phone to preserve the memory. My mom barely walks with a walker for a short time. She sleeps a lot because of the lack of energy due to her fragile aging condition .
My father’s soul’s energy entered my moms body to help her dance the way they use to dance . My Mom met my father at Roseland Ball Room NYC . My father died one month before his 50th birthday and is one of the may angels that is helping me with my abilities to cut cords that held me down from my DNA.
It is amazing and refreshing to look at your own life as just a mission to learn from and separate useless attachments that are not serving your best intentions .

Wed evening NY Prime at the Bar , I am siting next to a 73 year old man unloading his life story in my ear . He was married 8 times and had cancer in his rectum that spread . He did beat it and does take many pain drugs now. All his wives told him to write a book on his notorious illegal life he had . He did tell me that he did serve prison time and now that he is out he his spreading his cash around enjoying each day as it is his last. We laughed as he left saying he did not know why he told me his story . He said “I guess it was your smile and you are a good listener.

Thursday my Mom woke up with great energy and wanted to go to silver sneakers for a class . I was amazed the energy was lasting for that length of time . It was a pleasure to see her enjoy the exercise and feeling energized again.

Friday Mom was back to her slow pace and all I could do was show her the moments of enjoyment from the video
and the photos taken Wed and Thursday .
Friday 5pm I got a phone call from a friend inviting me to a private gala yacht party at the Rybovich marina West Palm Beach. It was hosted by Rybovich Yachts for those in the industry that were working at the palm Beach international boat show being held March 20-23 2014. I asked if I could bring a girl friend and was told yes . Just come and enjoy dancing, eating and drinking under the stars.
With wings under me I danced and entertained at that private party . My energy was propelling me like a steamship out on the high seas loaded with steam exploding in all direction and enjoying the connection of those that came over to me. They complemented me by telling me I was the high light of their evening’s entertainment by my interruptive dancing around the marina .I was invited up on stage to dance with the singer as he entertained the crowd . It was intoxication for me. My head hit the pillow at 1 am. I could only sleep 3 hours . My head was still spinning of all those souls I made contact with that night . Susan L”Suki Finnerty took videos of me dancing with her partner as he spun me around on the green fake grass. She said she would e-mail me the video and we exchanged business cards . http://www.Yachtingtoday.TV is her company . I had no expectation for what was coming next in the world I had created as Grandma Michele from another planet . It was coming fast and getting a bite out of control . Hold on tight I said “to those that had joined my ship now sailing the on the seven seas of imagination. Those that are non believers please bale now and save yourself it is a dangerous ride to the unknown mind. The rules when your aboard my vessel are to Leave your baggage behind and cut your cords of what you can not change . All you can change is only self if it does not serve the best you can do at each moment. You must put a block to the shadow that impaired you with judging anyone else but self .

Sat 1pm -7pm 6 hours Bob Troy sweating in the heat and carrying the heavy professional video equipment to videotape me as Grandma Michele, full costume including a clip with my silk wings flying around at the Palm Beach international Boat Show . Bob Troy my new friend was my Videographer for the day. We were there to make a video tape to be used for my next book I am currently writing now .He also was shooting for himself for event work to put up on his web site btcottagevideo.com . The high light of my day was meeting Matt Allen from Cambridge Yacht Group. His professional sincerity was amazing . I told him I am working on a wounded worrier fun day events for families to be held on my private retreat in Damascus.He told me he was a vet and so was his friend that was also working at this company . The next day I came back to visit him at the boat show and he told me he was impressed with my profile and what I have accomplished with my healing retreat in Damascus. Financing the wounded warrior family day and weekend events on my property is in process. It is just a matter of time when you “Just Believe ”

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Dear souls March 11 2014.

By now those that follow my blog stories have some insight about me. I find myself a child again inside an aging body. The child inside this aging body has all the emotions human feelings of rejection,frustration, not able to verbally communicate with everyone that crosses her path.
The level of technology has put me in a spin. Learning the voice recognition for dictation on my computer is mind boggling. It makes more sense to me, at this time to be more productive I will go back to typing at a pace that I’m comfortable with. Their are times in our lives that we have to realize moving too fast is not a compatible situation and does create discomfort. It is our choice how much discomfort we are willing to absorbed to have a transformation. Do I want to die as a caterpillar ? and not move into the next cycle of natural next incarnation becoming the butterfly ? Not sure, I want to spread seeds from all the flowers I land on . Some of those flowers smell sweet but do sting me from time to time . My imagination does save me ,so I can manifest any creative situation that fits my upscale life style anytime I use my mind.

Sunday, March 9/2014 I attended a Steve Fox’s matchmaking social at Boca Blue Martini. “I will find you the perfect match I guarantee it” Said Steve Fox. That is what it say’s on the marketing material I received for this event. There were about 200 attendees all looking for that perfect match. The entertainment, food and energy was a grand upscale event. There were many people traveling in the same single needy circle, I have seen the last four years in South Florida. They tell their story over and over again to anyone that will listen. It becomes very frustrating to most of them who cannot connect.
There are many dating web sites that are trying to be a vehicle for single people to connect. Some work for some people but the majority are dysfunctional because computer generated profiles are not always truthful.
There is another twist to be successful in this matchmaking industry and connect the perfect match.
Brainstorming an ideal situation takes commitment. I give Steve Fox a lot of credit for building his successful matchmaking social service. This weekend Steve Fox is doing another social in New York City. Many people are very jealous and look to discredit some one that is accomplishing success. Those people are not willing to use all their energy to do what it takes to be successful in the field of their dreams.
When I was roaming around Blue Martini at that party, I would site and listen to some conversation near me to learn from it.
First conversation: two good looking men in their fifties at the bar sharing a bottle of red wine. One man says to his friend “I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I thought I was doing the right thing to commit because we were living together for 14 years. My girlfriend told me she did not want to marry me and our relationship ended . I was asked to move out of the house .” “Can you believe that”,the man,said to his friend. “Now, I am back in the single dating scene.
I felt bad hearing his story of rejection. I leaned over to my left and asked him if he would give me permission to speak to him. The man not realizing I had just overheard his rejection story,said “my girlfriend would not like me speaking to another woman she is very jealous”. I turned my head away from him and laughed to myself. Then I listened to his friend who was aware I was listening to their conversation say “I think my grandmother who died 20 years ago is here beside me”. That stream of conversation was directed to hurt me. As I walked away from that scene,I just laughed,knowing the frustration and immaturity grown men have when they lose someone they valued and try to defend their friend .
As I was enjoying The buffet , I saw a man in his 40′s fall down and hit his head on the wall because he was drunk. Steve Fox came running to the man. Immediately the medics were called to carry the man out on a stretcher.
I took my plate of food from the buffet over to the upper level bar and sate down beside two good looking men in their 60′s wearing suits . They ordered some good white wine off the menu to drink. They appeared to be a class act. I started a conversation by asking them “Have you ever attended a Steve Fox Social?” The man next to me said no “. I said “they are a lot of fun if you are willing to just communicate with someone you are attracted too. ” All these h

parties are meant to be is the first dance with someone new. If you like the dance, It is up to you to take the next step getting to know someone that could be a match for you. I finished my food and went to dance with someone or by myself . It didn’t matter to me .I was there for the dance and entertainment. I just go with the flow of being happy with the way I looked and felt. I asked to leave my drink on a table with my purse so I could just dance. I woman with a bitchy attitude said “that seat is taken ” I decided to play a bitchy game with her. I said “to the bar stool that did not have any visible body on it . ” Oh! yes I do see the butt of a invisible lady siting on the stool .” The Bitch did not enjoy my humor . She became furious and almost blew her cool lady like manor that she thought was impressing the man she was holding onto. I man can over and sat on the empty stool . I said “I am sorry and know I will leave your private table and put my drink on another table that feels more comfortable with my presents. The Bitch did not know how to react to kindness. She was insecure and frightened that the man on her arm might find me more interesting than her.
I started to dance by myself just to make myself feel empowered and not drained by the insecurity of the Bitch .
A new friend named Brian age 70 saw me dancing alone and started to dance with me. We were having fun in each others arms as he took control with his lead. All of a sudden a woman about 50 fell on the floor in front of us. We were startled as we looked at her laying on the fall with her legs wide open exposing her open Box ! Brian said “Oh! Shit do you see that dark whole looking back at me “? He actually felt frightened. I said ” You came out of your Moms Box and all you want to do now is to get back in a comfortable box when ever you can” Is that frightening you now?”” No!” It is just the thought that a female would not wear underwear at a single social that is frightening to you”. She is looking for someone to fill her empty whole here and she has found her match at this party. We all get what we need “. She is needy and that makes her feel full until she is empty again”.
Brian continued to dance with me and said ” Don’t you feel like we are a match because the way we dance together we jell. I said “No! I just let myself flow into the control of a man that takes the lead when he dances with me” . Brian felt rejected when he thought his dance was special . It was only special at that moment . It takes time and energy that is complex to be special and a match for me . I did dance with many other men that night and felt good in the moment of the dance with each that connected to me.
My new friend Bob Troy was waiting for me at the end of the evening to compare notes of the event . We sate alone at the outside bar and noticed how the crowd left early . They came and saw and did not score so most went home all alone feeling frustrated again. They were unsuccessful in connecting to the perfect match . I was happy with the night of good food good entertainment and lots of stories to blog about .

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“Money can not buy Time ”

Dear Souls March 8,2014
It does not matter how much money you have and are willing to give it all to buy you more time to be with someone you love when that love ones time is up and they are dying . You can not use your money to get back all the days you worked so hard and did not spend your time with them. The word is regret. As I get wiser with age ,I realize all the stuff I provided was because my values were based on the lack of money as a child growing up . Pain of not having enough money to feed me and my brother and a roof over our heads was just one of the many obstacles my Mom had to endure.
Now my Mom feels no pain for she does not remember all the under currents of abuse she had to go through to provide her best.
People age differently .Some get stronger and some weaker. Some get happier and some sadder. There is a no rhyme or reason that you or I can get a handle on .We are not inside them and have not felt the tides that emotions have caused them to have these transformations. All we can do is be an observer and do no harm . Every thing we do or not do has a ripple in time continuum. It is all significant to someone some where . Past ,present and future is just in different dimensions and can not be viewed with our human brain at this time.

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